Benefits of National Cadet Corps and its C Certificate

Benefits of National Cadet Corps and its C Certificate
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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

NCC stands for the National Cadets Corps which is the Indian military cadet corps. It is headquartered in New Delhi and very frequently invites students from schools and colleges in order to develop them for Indian security in the future. The Corps select them on a voluntary basis and provides extensive training and knowledge in all fields. It helps the youth of India to develop and prepare themselves in all three forces that is the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Airforce.

The National Cadet Corps came into existence on 16 July 1948, under the 31st NCC Act of 1948, based on the recommendation of Pundit H Kunzru Committee. NCC was started with strength of 38,500 Boys Cadets. Girls Cadets were added in the Army Wing in 1949, Air Wing in 1950 and Naval Wing in 1952. In the initial stages, NCC was confined mainly to the urban areas. Today NCC has spread to every corner of the country, having more than 13 lakhs Cadets. The National Cadet Corps, which has both Boys and Girls as cadets, has the basic aim of developing the character qualities in the youth to make them good citizens of the society and worthy leaders of the future in every walk of life.
NCC is the organisation to install the values of "Unity and Discipline"- the Motto of the National Cadet Corps. There are two divison/wing in NCC- Junior Division/Junior Wing at school level & Senior Division/Junior Wing at both school & college level. NCC cadet must be a student of either a school or college. 'A','B' &'C' certificates are given to cadets after qualifying for these exams.
Students often join the National Cadets Corps from all over India where they are given basic education to high level military training, which helps them in finding out whether they are suitable to pursue nations’security as their career in the future. It’s up to the corps to decide whether they would be interested in continuing this further, they are under no obligation to continue if they do not wish to, however of the student wishes to continue and join the forces in a later point in time, then they would be given preference over others. The cadets are invited to participate in various activities both of state level as well as national level.

What is a NCC Certificate?

NCC starts with "A" certificate and then "B" and then "C",which is the last and top certificate of NCC. in school life students(cadets) get "A" certificate. at least 1 camp is compulsory before "A" certification exam. Means for all three certificate at least three camps are compulsory.


• NCC is a highly reputed body which is also a second line of defence. In India, many youngsters are trained in line with defence in case the need arises. If young students want to make it their career option, then being a NCC cadet holds a lot of weight. As they are directly associated with the ministry of defence. Not only they get to learn many valuable things but also are entitled to receive Rs 700.
• Other than just military training the cadets also learn several other valuable things such as selflessness, honesty, discipline, hard work and ways to build confidence and gain leadership qualities.
• Since NCC camps are held all over India therefore there is training in a various parts of the country, hence students get an opportunity of visit new places and learn the art of independence. They are required to use their social skills and their senses to get to know new places and adapt to the varying environment. Other than just social skills they also get to learn about the history and art of the new place.
• NCC cadets learn to take pride in themselves and the training also strengthens the spirit of being an Indian. This helps them gear towards joining the forces and providing their 100% when the country is in need of them.
• Other than military activities, the cadets are taught other skills such as parachuting, paragliding and basic aviation courses because of which they have an edge over others when appearing for the armed forces. Other than that, they also have a special quota which is very useful in case of final selection to join the armed forces.
• Under the regime of exchange programme, there are a few selected students who get an opportunity to visit other countries and learn various things which are practised in other nations and exchange experiences with cadets who happen to come to India from foreign lands.
• There are a total of 32 seats which are set aside for cadets who hold NCC certificate provided they have scored 50% in graduation with at least a B grade in C level examination. If all this suffices, then they are eligible for SSC without even qualifying for a CDS written exam. All they have to do is clear the SSB interview*.
• Other than SSB they also get a preference over other in the CRF and BSF
• Other than just armed forces there are several central and state Government organisations who give special preference to NCC cadets.

NCC certificate Defence Benefits:

For the candidates who aspire to join the defence forces, NCC ‘C’ certificate is a golden opportunity for them to go to SSB directly. These candidates are exempted from giving the common entrance exam and are called directly for SSB. NCC ‘C’ certificate holders will have following benefits over non-holders in defence as on 2017:

CDSE (Men): If a candidate clears his CDSE and subsequent SSB, he will have the following reservation in various academies. A separate merit list is prepared for NCC cadets with ’C’ certificate.
IMA – 13-15 vacancies reserved for ‘C’ Certificate (Army Wing) holders
INA – 05-08 vacancies reserved for ‘C’ Certificate (Naval Wing) holders

Special Entry (Men and Women):
OTA Chennai – 50 vacancies for ‘C’ certificate holders for NCC Spl. Entry (non tech)
AFA Hyderabad – 10% vacancies reserved for ‘C’ certificate Air Wing holders in all courses.

Recruitment as Jawan: If a candidate wants to join the defence as as Soldier GD/clk/skt/tech/tdn cat, he will be eligible for the award of following benefits:

‘A’ cert       05 marks (GD)          05 marks (clk/skt/tech)                05 marks (tdn)

‘B’ cert       10 marks (GD)         10 marks (clk/skt/tech)                10 marks (tdn)

‘C’ cert: Holders of ‘C’ cert and who have participated in republic day parade will be exempted from CEE for rect sol clk /skt, sol tech and sol NA cat and will be awarded 100% marks in lieu of CEE.

And finally last but the most important benfits,

You are adequately trained to protect your country in case of any disaster, mishap or whenever your country needs you.

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