How to Prepare For NDA SSB Interview

How to Prepare For NDA SSB Interview
21-November 2019 2.00


NDA written exam 2019, as scheduled on 17th November, ended successfully and now only the declaration of result is left. Applicants are eagerly waiting for the outcome. But, but, but… the story doesn’t end with qualifying written exam, there are miles to cover ahead.

If you are amongst those lucky few who have cracked the written test of NDA then brace yourself for a tougher examination, that is, SSB interview. Already scared ? Haha, haha… well that’s normal. Many students get quickly intimated by the name itself of SSB interview although it’s just hype. If you get to the depth of it SSB is as simple as any other exam. All the power lies in practice, confidence and truth.

Services Selection Board (SSB) is an organization that tests the candidates who have applied to join Indian Armed Forces on various levels. It aims to know the candidate inside- outside. His chief characteristics which are necessary to sustain a military lifestyle are assessed through SSB. These characteristics include spontaneity, spoken skills, quick decision making power, physical strength, group co- ordination, and all traits of psychology. SSB is an all- in- one journey to reveal the true you and let the panel decide if you fit to stay in a Defence lifestyle.

To support the aspiring NDA candidates in their preparation for SSB interview I have jotted down a few essential tips below:

KNOW THE TESTS: The foremost step to prepare well is get complete knowledge pattern of SSB. SSB is scheduled for 4-5 days in the following format:

Day 0: reporting along with a short briefing about SSB

Day 1: Screening through verbal and non- verbal test+ PPDT

Day 2: Psychology test through TAT, WAT, SRT and SD

Day 3 and 4: GTO exercises through GD, GPE, HGT, PGT, IOT, Command task, Snake race, individual lecturette, FGT and Personal Interview

Day 5: Conference

  1. CATEGORIZE THE AREAS: Once you know the complete procedure of SSB and the various tests involved in it, categorize different areas you want to work upon as required in the tests such as speaking skills, physical strength, quick answering skills, current affairs and personality.
  2. ANALYSIS AND PLANNING: It’s necessary to analyze yourself before strategizing your plan. What I mean is assess your strengths and weakness, which areas you need to work upon more and which areas you are already good at. Some may perform well in physical tasks while others may be good in narration. So get a feedback of yourself. Furthermore strategize a plan. For SSB you need not devote long hours just take out 1 hour from your busy schedule for SSB interview preparation along with few more minutes for physical activity.
  3. AREAS: Below is the list of various parameters on which a candidate is judged and hence they require separate attention:
  • - Current Affairs: Update yourself with latest news, global events and Indian Defence activities. An upper hand on General Knowledge is must as it builds up your confidence. Once you are knowledgeable from the inside you will perform better on the outside. It prepares you for G.D round as well.
  • - Speech: Not only is good speaking skill required for narration and G.D but also it is helpful to lay a lasting impression. The way you speak + how you speak, both combine together to showcase your true self. Do not be aggressive, extremely loud/ polite, or unclear. Be audible, confident and clear in your speech.
  • - Psychology: You cannot do anything more than being yourself! Yes be genuine, be honest because the Psychologist will catch the you in a minute. For this step you can practice PPDT, a few SRTs and do increase your speed of answering as quick responsive power is judged here.
  • - Physical stamina: There are various rounds which will assess your fitness be it in group or individually. So be active. Indulge into a habit of daily exercise, running and a healthy diet. Not only is a fitness regime good for SSB but also for a good and healthy lifestyle.
  • - Knowledge: There are certain areas about which you need to gather more knowledge beforehand such as Indian Armed Forces, your aim, native place, friend’s and family’s opinion about yourself, your positive and negative points. This will make your PI easier.
  • - Personality: How you present yourself holds a good weightage in SSB. By personality I don’t mean clothes and hairstyle, of course be decent and simple but more than that when you stand, when you speak, when you play and when you sit look like you are a true Defence personnel. A lot and lot of confidence is the key here. Start participating in public activities and indulge in group discussion with friends and family. This will automatically build a good personality.


On top of all believe in yourself. Never loose the spark and spontaneity that is lying inside you. If you perform with complete sincerity then the result will be positive too. All the best then!