How to Perform Well in Individual Obstacles in GTO SSB Interview

How to Perform Well in Individual Obstacles in GTO SSB Interview
25-February 2020 2.00

Performing well in Individual obstacles in GTO

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” The GTO Series comprises of a battery of nine rounds or tasks that are conducted over a period of 2 days before the GTO Officer, i.e. the third and fourth days respectively of the five day selection process. Similar to the psychological tests and the interviews the GTO Tasks are also a measurement index of one’s personality against the desired Officer Like Qualities. The GTO through the conduct of these tasks evaluates the candidate’s at the conscious level for the leadership efficacy, potential and effectiveness within the group.

The IO course would have 10 obstacles spread on the field in a sequential and predetermined order. Each obstacle is numbered from 1 to 10 and the number also designates the mark that an aspirant will get once he completes that specific obstacle. The numbers are given as per the difficulty level of the obstacles. Also there is a special rule of repetition that if in a given time an aspirant completes all obstacles he or she can repeat the object and gain more marks. The timestamp for the task is 3 minutes and the total score of the objects is 55 in one round of competition.


Nature of Obstacles

The different heads of obstacles clearly enables to chart out the personality profile of the candidate by assessment of the overall performance through the different activities and these tasks charter out the unique traits of the candidate preferably in the form of intelligence, organizational ability, cooperation, social efficacy, physical strength and stamina to name a few . The division goes on as below-

  • - Rope climbing
  • - Tarzan swing
  • - Double ditch
  • - Commando walk
  • - High jump over wired drum
  • - Screen jump
  • - Balance pole
  • - Burma bridge
  • - Tiger leap
  • - Monkey crawl.


Aspects Observed by the GTO


The GTO tends to evaluate the demonstrative performance of the candidate for the following aspects:


  • - Having a practical and sound approach to tackle the day- to- day problems of life.
  • - Grasping and listening skills being given and apt demonstration of the same with full attentiveness while task performance.
  • - Having a logical and analytical bent of mind that is capable to prioritize the solutions to the problem and is capable to evolve during the process too.
  • - Systematic and organized thought process and the ability to express views with utmost clarity and ease.
  • - Social attributes like being friendly, warm, adaptable, tactful and highly sensitive to the feelings with others, etc.
  • - Have a sense of discipline and abiding by all the rules and regulations.
  • - Courage of conviction to admit own mistakes gracefully.
  • - To be physically fit and agile with mental robustness while tacking physical challenges.
  • - Always maintaining a high energy level and keeping the atmosphere around also cheerful by being full of positive energy and good humor.
  • - Having a never giving up attitude under varying circumstances and displaying the ability to catch the 'bull by its horns'.
  • - Displaying high physical dynamism and the ability to spread positive energy.


Tricks to ace out in the Individual Obstacle Round

  • - Maintain a good and healthy diet by exercising regularly to maintain a proper stamina, the tasks need a lot of running to reach various obstacles within the time limit.
  • - Be alert at the rope in tiger leap and hold it firmly leaving it afterwards and coming down. This needs to be done so that the hands are not injured or get bruised so that other rounds can be done successfully.
  • - Repetition of tasks or completion is not the motive behind these tasks but the determination to complete and fight for what you have started is analyzed, so work with this strategy.
  • - Remain alert and conscious so that you don’t get wounded as it happens many times during the rounds.
  • - Always be visible and present wherever the action is happening and participate effectively because it is a task based on demonstrative performance.
  • - Demonstrate a well balanced persona because the GTO is concerned mainly to assess your behavior pattern and overall conduct during the tasks.
  • - Always be willing to give chance to others in the group and carry the group along with you and don’t be self oriented in this regard.
  • - Having a high level of general awareness will make you impressive in the group.
  • - Maintain a clear head and understand the concepts and instructions very carefully to perform attentively and with panache.
  • - Your never giving up attitude and the spirit of performance is tested and observed through these tasks so keep a hold on it.
  • - Do not get carried away with the sway and hold of the tasks and be over confident but focus on your demonstrative ability during the tasks which is actually being evaluated.


Remember, in here the task is not of prime importance but you and your active role in that task is important but most importantly it is not you but ultimately your group that holds the key to success and just like the IO evaluates the candidate’s subconscious level, the psychologist evaluates the unconscious level the GTO assesses the leadership efficacy qualities and traits so maintain a steady and positive body language and a firm determination with focus on your demonstrative capability and you will be good to go in the long run. All the Best!!!