Essential Group Discussion Tips and Topics in SSB

Essential Group Discussion Tips and Topics in SSB
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Essential Group Discussion Tips and Topics in SSB

Group Discussions have now become sine qua non of every selection procedure and almost an indispensable part of any competitive exams due to their nature and impact they have in revelation of the personality, the mental ability, stamina, self- confidence, the attitude and perspect of an individual. Thus it becomes all the more important for its inclusion in the SSB and also as an indispensable assessor of various leadership skills such as communication, rational, analytical and inter-personal skills, etc. A Group Discussion in GTO Tasks in SSB is conducted in 2 stages, firstly in which the candidates are having the right to choice and secondly wherein they are not left with any choice. Both the topics have 3 sub topics and a timestamp of 15-20 minutes is given to discuss. As is the saying, ‘First impression is the last impression’ so one needs to put their best foot forward as this acts as the deal sealer or breaker needing thus your best in every sense. The GD is an excellent method of gauging the candidate’s knowledge on the current issues and general happenings around the world and self thus assessing the communication skills as well as novelty and depth of ideas. The success mantra is very simple- Read, Practice, Learn and lastly Share with others.

Tips to Prepare for GD in SSB Interview

Group Discussion Essentials

Group Discussion is basically an informal discussion or interaction between the candidates to assess their performance as an individual and as a team player. Ensuring your active participation and presence in the GD, initiating it successfully is the prime and most obvious trait for a candidate to be able to display his level of alertness and preparedness, initiative and leadership thus forming a lasting impression upon the GTO. So what are the tips that can make you noticeable in a group discussion so let’s ponder over the elementals of GD-

  • - Be the initiator and take charge of the situation enabling yourself to grab everyone’s attention and displaying your leadership skills.
  • - Maintain a positive body language with definite eye contact which would enhance your confidence level as well as show your active participation in the group.
  • - Digressing from the topic shall defeat your purpose and hold of your argument, so be concise, give relevant arguments and don’t switch preferably and hold the idea and thought of your discussion until the end.
  • - Keep your knowledge base good and rich with logical points because the wider is your knowledge base, the better you will be able to speak as your viewpoint shall be broadened and much enhanced.
  • - Be calm and composed and don’t lose your cool and handle the GD by being cheerful and by showing positive energy as it is the quality of an Officer to remain calm and composed during adversities and at times of distress.
  • - Having a powerful opening statement can make heads turn around say preferably with a quote as this will pique the interest and grab the attention.
  • - Always try supporting your group members’ idea and arguments as this will give you an opportunity to control the momentum of the group and thus enable you to take charge and emerge as a leader.
  • - Incorporate new creative ideas in GD to seize the attention of the group and try obtaining support of the other group members.
  • - Concluding the GD is of prime importance as this forms the crux and base as it showcases the potential to assimilate and assess before drawing any inference thus keep in mind to summarize the entire key points of the discussion by keeping it precise and concise.


Essential GD Topics

A plethora of topics are available therefore the candidates must be consistently prepared by actively collecting information from all the relevant sources be it the internet, books, magazines, newspapers or any live sources. Below are certain sample points to give you an idea of this year’s trend to be held as essential while the GD described as below:

List of GD topics for SSB Interview

Who do you think is responsible for the day to day increase in corruption in India?

The points that can be put up for these GD topics in SSB are-

  1. 1. Politicians
  2. 2. Common man
  3. 3. Bureaucrats.


Discuss the biggest reason behind the low literacy rate in India?

The points that can be put up for these GD topics in SSB are-

  1. 1. Corruption in Education
  2. 2. Commercialization in Education
  3. 3. Traditional Educational System.


Who is responsible for the deteriorating law & order in the country?

The points that can be put up for these GD topics in SSB are-

  1. 1. Police
  2. 2. Politicians
  3. 3. Public.

Top 25 Trending Group Discussion (GD) Topics for SSB )

The GD Topics are listed as below-

Related to Business Economy

  • - Corruption in Economy:  The root cause for Indian Economic slowdown?
  • - Make in India: The idea will make India a manufacturing hub
  • - YONO: One comprehensive Banking Digital platform for all financial solutions.
  • - CAA and NRC
  • - Demonetization: Success & failures
  • - GST: Will economy grow at a progressive and faster pace with reduced rates of Goods & Services Tax?
  • - Merger of Public Sector Banks: How beneficial is this monumental step of merger of Banks?
  • - Employment Generation: Will IT sector create huge job opportunities?
  • - Union Budget: Merging the General & Railway Budget will reduce unnecessary spending.
  • - Privatization of Indian economy: Should India pace ahead with the idea?
  • - Indian Economic Slowdown: How to come out of it?
  • - FDI in retail: Good for India or an unproductive venture?


Related to Current Affairs

  • - Sensex: The base of economy and society
  • - Companies Amendment Bill: Will it ease out in doing businesses?
  • - Gujarat & Himachal Assembly elections: Implications at national level.
  • - IIM Bill 2017: Is it really beneficial for the students?
  • - End of subsidy regime: Step required to ace out the growth wheel
  • - Mission to MARS: Can India afford spending a fortune on such projects?
  • - E-commerce: Discounts are harmful in long run?
  • - War Kashmir Crisis: War not dialogue will end the Crisis?
  • - Preponing the General Budget: What will be its impact?
  • - Terrorism: The price to pay for democracy.
  • - Linking of Aadhaar: Is Mandation of Aadhar a positive idea or not?


Related to Social Issues

  • - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao: Abolishing the orthodox mindset
  • - Law and order- An instrument to social change
  • - Browsing at Workplace affects productivity
  • - Social Activism is necessary for survival of democratic society
  • - Uniform Civil Code
  • - Difficulties in implementation of Climate Change Summit Resolutions
  • - Net Neutrality : A step to make India digital and advanced
  • - Smart City Project will give wings to growth
  • - Gender bias in portraying Women in Advertisements.


General Topics (25 common Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview)

  • - Work- How to create balance in work and life?
  • - Hard work v/s Smart work
  • - Effective Manager
  • - Leader or Follower
  • - Strategy or execution
  • - Means or end
  • - Ethics or Profit- What matters the most?
  • - Innovation v/s Invention.


Limiting yourself to a specific number of topics cannot let you excel in SSB. Keeping abreast with all the happenings and being updated with the current events is what will clinch your success. Having a good vocabulary to speak extraordinary words will definitely add up that extra advantage and following all the above guidelines will surely assail you out easily. Kudos and All the Best!!!

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