Top 25 Trending Group Discussion (GD) Topics for SSB Interview

Top 25 Trending Group Discussion (GD) Topics for SSB Interview
27-August 2019 2.00

Top 25 GD Topics for SSB Interview


Limping from one group discussion to the other one may sound hectic but seeing from a different perspective it exhibits the real talent of defence students. Post GD1 comes GD2.You must have heard ‘first step is the most difficult one’? Well, the same applies in Group Discussion of SSB. While GD1 is difficult to crack, GD2 is a simple piece of cake.

The aim of GD2 is to check communication skill of the candidate as well as lend a second chance to prove his worth. Unlike GD 1, in GD2 the topic is selected by the GTO and the student has no choice in it. Smile, smile, smile because the level of GD2 is comparatively easy and the topics are mostly based on social issues or general problems of the nation and globe.

Certainly the list is never ending because of the abundance of social issues. Still I have attempted here to include some of the most essential topics for GD2. So pick up your lenses and get thorough with the following:

1. Which is the greatest invention of mankind?

A. Fire B. Wheel  C. Zero

2. How to achieve women empowerment?

A. Education  B. Politics  C. Employment

3. How to improve education system?

A. Use of technology  B. syllabus upgradation  C. practical knowledge

4. What is the reason of India’s degradation?

A. Unemployment  B. poverty C. corruption

5. How to tackle corruption?

A. Introduce new laws B. increase authorities C. strengthen security check

6. Where should India invest more?

A. Education  B. human capital  C. human development

7. What is the major cause of illiteracy in India?

A. Traditional education system  B.outdated syllabus C.poor infrastructure

8.The reason of increased crime:

A. Poverty  B. unemployment C.illiteracy

9.How to improve Indian Armed Force?

Use: theater commands, foreign arms, indigenization

10. Why health issues have increased in recent years?

A. Pollution  B.unhealthy diet  C.modern lifestyle

11. Which of the following is the most common child issue?

A. Child marriage  B.child labor  C.child abuse

12.Comment on India’s performance in sports in 2018-19

13.What is the most common use of social networking sites?

A.Communication  B. global interaction C. catching up daily news

14. What is impacting the youth of India the most?

A. Technology B. bollywood C.politics

15. How to turn India clean and healthy?

A. Cleanliness drive B.awareness programs  C.provision of basic facilities

16. Discuss the effects of climate change.

17. How to attain world peace?

A. Follow UN policies B. respect the environment neighboring countries

18. Defence technology: scope of improvement

19. Quota system in India: advantages and disadvantages

20. Water crisis: abundance and scarcity

21. How to curb terrorism?

A. Increase security facilities  B.upgrade police system  C.make people learn self defence

22. Hockey: the national game of India

23. Recent developments in the issue of triple talaq

24.  How to overcome tax evasion?

25. How produce more jobs in India?

 Start ups, technological advancement, focus on women and skill development

With the world moving at an accelerating pace, there is a longlist of social issues but the above bunch of 25 topics are ultimate. GD2 is an attempt to test your speaking skill and knowledge, so be it women empowerment or climate change, you need to speak clearly. Jam together relevant content and confidence and you will be the gleaming candidate amongst all!


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