Recommended For AFCAT 2020 From 4 AFSB Varanasi In My 1st Attempt

Recommended For AFCAT 2020 From 4 AFSB Varanasi In My 1st Attempt
04-March 2020 2 Comment(s) 2.00

Priyanka Bangari Recommended For AFCAT 2020

The biggest takeaway was to really know myself, trust myself, trust my passion, my aim and be vigilant of the important things in life. Hey, I am Priyanka Bangari a proud Centurion, cracked my AFCAT 2020 SSB and got recommended from 4AFSB Varanasi on 21st February. My strong passion and never give up spirit had always granted me immense pleasure and enthusiasm. I had that courage which can prosper through many boundaries of barriers in my life. I have learnt that I can be trusted of my subconscious voice too and be vulnerable to my dreams as easy as falling off a log.

The hero of my childhood was my maternal great grandfather who inspired me to serve the citizens and children of our country. In my childhood stories he was the superhero of my stories and his dedication was commendably acknowledged in them. Encouraged and motivated by him and my elder brother who is a defence aspirant after completion of my graduation in B.Com and pursuing my BTC my inclination was also high towards defence forces so I decided to apply for AFCAT-II 2019  entrance examination.

The turning point in my career has arrived when I cleared my written entrance exam for AFCAT where I have learnt that nothing is as important as our self belief which is within us. I just went for it and started my preparation for SSB Interview watching several online videos of the best coaching listed in Lucknow I had finalized in a bit of time that the most appropriate destination of my preparation could be none other than Centurion Defence Academy.

I was delighted that my elder brother was already in Technical Entry September 2018 Batch who lead my way to Centurion. 5 days SSB Interview gave goose bumps to newcomers and I too had it in me but at the same time I was confident and bold to make the first move of SSB.  They take care of every step that the aspirant faces in SSB Interview examination on the basis of physical, mental, educational, psychological and moral abilities front. I stepped in to the educational world of Centurion to remove all hurdles from the SSB track for myself and finally the day came closer and I had to reach my SSB centre Varanasi.




Varanasi is a soulful, sacred and spectacular place and my SSB Interview centre also, blessing of almighty has pumped more freshness and power in my approach. The date of reporting was scheduled on 17th February at 6:30 am, reaching at the centre and feeling that ambiance put up the shutters of every candidate. Document verification was successfully conducted by me but if you fail in any document presentation then you are directly send back to home without any mercy, a key that already propelled into my training classes by my coaching.

On the first phase Screening was scheduled with OIR and PPDT at AFSB where I wrote the stories and got screened in. Psychology test was scheduled for 3 hours on the same day with TAT, WAT, SRT, and SD test. Nobody can fool anyone in psychology test if you had in it in you then only you can pass all the series of test was briefed to me by Shishir Sir Founder Director Of Centurion Defence Academy and my Psychology trainer who does need any introduction for all his students. After serving 10 years successfully in air force as Air Veteran he is a successful SSB Expert in Centurion who ensures quality preparation strategies and shares all his past and present experiences to build our future. Centurion continues its mission to ensure real time quality study material, mock test, regular session of personality development.

Day 2 was free and to make it best for me I interacted with everyone around me and discussed about the upcoming challenges their take and strategies of SSB Interview and life. The most powerful barriers occurs if we restrict ourselves and feel proud of our achievements and my instructors already alerted me that always be humble, grounded and interact whenever you get time to do so.       

Day 3 at 7:15 interview was scheduled for SSB. To be frank I think they came to know my hidden emotions that is why pressurizing questions were asked to me but I was not under pressure and even genuinely I mentioned that I don’t know particular question and can answer it better once I learn it after experiencing it. This is how my interview ended on a degree of pleasure or displeasure at the same time.

Day 4 ended with good result for me where we had our GD, GPE, Lecturrate and GTO and two tests were followed on Day 5.

Day 5 I had IGT and command task where 3 situations are given to me and asked to react in a control way. Emphasis on Command Task, Group Discussion, Ground Training (GTO) ground and physical training up to the latest and required standards was boosted in me at Centurion. Same day was conference scheduled where my Interviewing officer was President of the Board and to my surprise and everyone else it lasted for only 30 seconds where he asked me only one simple question that did you like Varanasi and in Hindu culture the role of Varanasi. The question was simple but at the same time very certain to project yourself in the interview. So in crisp and clear words I have defined the Varanasi, Kashi Vishwanath Jyotiling temple how auspicious it is. Varanasi is a soulful, sacred and spectacular place and wishing at the same time I get recommendation from this place.

And then final result was declared, I was recommended for Ground Duty. My SSB centre, chest no. 42, friends, family, confidence and determination were surely reason of my success but how can I miss the chance to thank Centurion Defence Academy who has been my travel light, live life, dream light. Priyanka Bangari is a simple girl and I had never imagined that life can be so unpredictable, today I am sharing my success story with many people, everyone is interested in me they want to know how I did and what I did, frankly I am point blank just want to live this moment in my life to fullest and wish all the aspirants Best of Luck!