Sample Questions for MNS Interview

Sample Questions for MNS Interview
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MNS Interview Questions

Waiting for a miracle that could land your MNS selection dream into reality, here you go just hang up with the high yielding and frequent success mantra for MNS Interview. A brilliant opportunity available exclusively for girls under the umbrella of Indian Armed Forces offers a brighter future to young girls.

Incepted as a sub-part of Armed Forces Medical Services (AFSB) MNS girls employed for training as military nurses. Series of levelsaccommodated in selection process for 5 yearsB.Sc training program with Written Exam + Interview + Medical Examination for final result.

Center of this article focused in Interview, the most important round that leaves a mark on your personality forever. With the fresh MNS Mock Interview questions fix all your lows into high and know how you can tackle your English and confidence level during interview.

Jaaniye kaisa hota hai MNS Interview or ap kaise MNS Interview 1st attempt mai clear kar sakte hai ! Kya ap mai yeah sbhi qualities hai agar ni hai to worry not as your expert guidance is out for you.


How to tackle questions and give exactly sorted answers in Interview with tips to Crack MNS 2020 Interview.


Here is a list of most commonly asked questions in MNS Interview:


MNS Interview Personal Information Questions

  • Tell us your name and about yourself
  • About your parents such as their name and kind of employment
  • If parents belong to defence background more interrogatory questions about rank and position are asked
  • Your family background
  • Your strength and weaknesses
  • What is your aim in life?
  • Why do you want to join MNS?
  • What motivated you to join Indian Defense/MNS?


MNS Interview Tricky Questions

  • Why should we believe you are suitable for MNS?
  • Tell us about weak ideas/misconception about MNS people have
  • Military is not a lavish or high rated career then why you want to join MNS?
  • Why you opt for an MNS officer not doctor?
  • Tell us about one particular situation about stress you faced and how you handle it
  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?


MNS Interview Questions based on MNS Backdrop

  • Tell us difference between nurse and military nursing service officer
  • What are the qualities that a military nursing service officer or military nurse should have?
  • How can you serve best as a military nurse,the responsibilities and duties that you are ready to take?
  • What is your weakness when it comes to be employed as a nurse in military?If yes then elaborate
  • How did you prepare for MNS exam?
  • Tell us about the recent developments and amendments in MNS
  • How did you enhance your knowledge of Military Nurses in last 1 year?
  • What do you mean by word compassion in context to MNS officer?
  • Tell us about Army rank structure
  • Who is currently General of MNS? What you know about his/her?
  • As an MNS officer you are going to work in a team how you are going to work with your team members and if a difficult team member coincides with what you are going to do?
  • What you know about first aid kit?
  • Have you ever visited any military hospital or command hospital? Share your experience
  • As an MNS officer you are given a duty to handle an emergency ward or case for a short duration and duty doctors are not available and you are instructed that patient had a cardiac arrest, now what will be your reaction and what you are going to do?


MNS Interview Questions related to Subjects

  • About Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects question are asked
  • More questions related to biology are asked
  • Your educational credentials
  • Previous course pursued or employment status


MNS Interview Question related to Current News and updates

  • After lockdown since inception of COVID-19 what you have learned about your life and others?
  • Latest updates on Coronavirus



The questions are simple enough but you need to handle it with similarities. MNS Interview Tips:

  • Always talk about the positive side of the military nurses no matter what comes up
  • Be informative about nursing career
  • Be long term goal-oriented
  • Show how passionate you are about being a part of this field
  • Do expose your responsible, noble and helpful nature toward society because as a nurse you need to be kind and supportive towards the patient

Decent and honorable profession with great courage and passion is waiting, brace your interview skills with above notions and win this splendid opportunity.

Exclusive MNS 2020 Mock Interview by Interview experts MajNasreen Fatima[SqnLdrRetd] 


All the best MNS aspirants!