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2020-06-19 12:15:40

SSB Interview Dates Rescheduled for NDA-144, TES-43 & TGC-131

SSB Interview Dates Rescheduled

SSB interview dates for NDA-144, TES-43 & TGC-131have been rescheduled. Indian Army offered fresh relief to candidates waiting desperately for their SSB dates all through COVID-19 lockdown.

Indian Army official notification released for NDA-144, TES-43 & TGC-131 courses on its official website:

“NDA-144, TES-43 & TGC-131: Suspended SSB Batches from 20Match 2020 to 04 April 2020 have been rescheduled wef 06July 2020, Candidates are required to login their user ID to check date and further instruction”.

Detailed call up instructions are available on  

Following NDA SSB, TES SSB and TGC SSB rescheduled dates Indian Army also released on its official website news for SSC SSB. Indian Army official notification released for SSC SSB on its official website:


“SSB for SSC (October 2020) for (Men and Women) remain suspended. If any candidates has received any date for SSB as of now, it is to be treated as null and void, fresh instruction on new dates will be initiated later”.

Detailed instructions are available on  

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown in the nation many drastic and mandatory steps are undertaken before and after the SSB Interview. Earlier SSB interviews were postponed due to the COVID-19 lockdown situation in the country and are now resolved with this fresh and positive updates from the official fronts. All the best!

TGC 131 SSB Interview venue:


  • SSB Allahabad
  • SSB Bhopal
  • SSB Bangalore
  • SSB Kapurthala


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  • Visitor
    "What were different Army and Navy ssb centres for nda 144"
    Wrote on 17-10-2020  at 06:18:12

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    "Now we have to report main gait of selection certer in allahabaad but i dont know which selection allahabaad 3 or 4 selection certer i know this?? for tes 43 cource"
    Wrote on 30-06-2020  at 02:26:45