Is India ready for cyber attack ?

Is India ready for cyber attack ?
16-July 2020 2.00

Is India ready for cyber attack and how China and Pakistan have become a big threat to India?


In the midst of a coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, there are a lot of cyber attacks, which India will have to suffer on a large scale. Confirming the information given by the Intelligence Department, the government has informed the people of the country that in the coming days India may have to face a big cyber attack.


Since the lockdown where people are instructed to work at home, Covid-19-themed malware, ransomware and Covid 19 based domain led infections have also increased. Hackers based in China attempted more than 40,000 cyber attacks on India's information technology and banking sector in the last five days. To what level from China's cyber attack the Indian economy can be threatened, it can be gauged by the fact that last year itself, a cyber attack in the Co-operative Bank took away 98 crore rupees, all the hackers were from China, their base was located in China.


Personal information, organizational information of 20 lakh people is on target, you can understand what is the danger level, whichever organization you work in, private or public all your information can go into the hands of hackers. International firm Interpol has also confirmed that cyber attack there is a danger of a huge cyber attack on India.


The necessary information has been released in public interest from internal sources, there is mail coming in FREE COVID 19 subject from mail id with which just by a single CLICK viruses are being infected  on your Android phone and PC. Do not click such mail because this email contains viruses which are hacking your entire system.


Do not share your bank details, any email comes from an unknown number or link, so do not download or click it. If you share your debit card, credit card details, think carefully before sharing. If you share personal information, organizational information, hackers will get it, due to which financial crisis can befall the entire Indian economy.


The situation in India is still at a very critical stage, the government of India and all citizens need to be very cautious, stay away from the corona virus and try to stay alert and protected from cyber attacks. The time has come for the common man to be alert and ready with time.


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