Revised Final Result MNS SuryaKiran Mock Test-2 Announced

Revised Final Result MNS SuryaKiran Mock Test-2 Announced
02-August 2020 2.00

Revised MNS 60 days Master Crash Course Mock Test 2 Final Result Announced


Applaud for the young female achievers who made a strong move to their MNS dreams. The time young aspirants have utilized finding the Centurion 60 Days Classes a unique special learning for them had unveiled with a magnificent result on its second Mock Test. The most sincere time to show appreciation of young aspirants' hard work and efforts arrived with MNS Mock Test Results.

MNS 'सूर्यकिरण' Batch get started with immense support and enthusiasm of MNS aspirants. 60 Days Master Crash Course targeting MNS 2020 exam meets its second test results announcement on 2nd August, 2020. Difficult time passes when we put our sincerity and dedication towards aim of our life, amid COVID 19 outbreak several ups and downs the learning has find its way with Centurion Defence Academy Student App.


Results are OUT with GIFTS on cards for MNS Toppers, the most sincere time to show appreciation of young aspirants hard work and efforts arrived with MNS Mock Test Results. What you want is rightly present with us all you need to do is showcase urge and desire for it.


Winning is Fun and the Winner for MNS Mock Test 2 is………


Check the MNS 60 Days Master Crash Course result for Mock TestBest performance marks the essence of most renowned MNS 'सूर्यकिरण' Batch. CDA Student App mock test for MNS conducted between 1st August to 2nd August, 2020 results have been declared. AIR MNS Mock Test Result is Out, candidate appeared for MNS Mock Test could hurry up to check results on Result is available on CDA Student App students can login to check result on CDAS App.


 Top 25 Students AIR MNS Mock Test Result PDF Below. All students can visit CDAS App 'Scores' option to check in their MNS Mock Test Results.


AIR MNS Mock Test provides several benefits to MNS warriors within MNS 60 days Master Crash Course. Top 3 students in each MNS Mock Test will be benefitted with 50% fee waiver for MNS Interview preparation (only if you qualify MNS written exam) from Centurion Defence Academy.


Two conditions to avail 50% Fee Waiver for MNS Interview preparation includes:

·         CDA Fee receipt

·         Result (top 3 rank)


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 Complete Details of MNS Mock Test:


Centurion 60 Days Classes Mock Test






General Knowledge









Total Questions




Test Date

1st August at 10 am to 2nd August at 4pm

Result Date

2nd August at 6:00 PM


AIR MNS Mock Test Result PDF Below


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Centurion’s 60 Days MNS 'सूर्यकिरण' Batch

Centurion's 60 Days MNS 'सूर्यकिरण' Batch Lesson Plan


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