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Quickest, Swiftest, Fastest MNS 2020 Written Exam Questions released by Centurion Defence Academy just after the MNS written examination conducted on 11th September 2020. The candidates who had applied online for the Nursing Staff (Female) in the Indian Military by 02nd December 2019 can view the most accurate, correct, specific MNS 2020 Written Exam Questions on the India’s Finest MNS Written Exam Coaching, ‘CENTURION DEFENCE ACADEMY’.


The official Indian Army MNS 2020 Question Paper’s set-wise will be released after few hours or few days of the exam. Until the official Indian Army MNS 2020 Question Paper’s set-wise release, eager candidates can check the most authentic and appropriate MNS 2020 questions here. Fastest MNS 2020 questions for the 11th September MNS 2020 exam right here. MNS 2020 set-wise paper will be published through online mode and all the appearing candidates can check the MNS 2020 set-wise paper and MNS 2020 set-wise answer key through CDA website,, Youtube.


MNS 2020 Written Exam Questions Given Below


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MNS 2020 Written Exam Questions Given Below


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MNS 2020 Questions


English MNS 2020 Questions

1.    Spelling check:    Recalcitrance
.                                Renaissance
2.    Idiom and phrase: Bore the Palm
3.    Idiom and phrase: A Big Fish
4.    Idiom and phrase: Wear hear on sleeves 
5.    Idiom and phrase: Fit to Eat
6.    Idiom and phrase: Have your own cake and eat it
7.    Fuhrer is name of?
8.    Prepositions- on time/at time
                           Move than- lose/loose
                           Make of
9.    One word substitution: Ambidextrous
10.    Fill up: Honesty is  Policy 
         Options: (a) a (b) an  (c) the  (d) none
11.    Article: ...... Honour 
12.    Synonyms: Impertinent


Biology MNS 2020 Questions

1.    Bones in cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal respectively?
2.    DOTS is treatment for?
3.    Gel electrophoresis techniques and tools
4.    Questions Related Topics
5.    Before life established on earth, its nature was reducing, name the organism which turned earth’s nature oxidizing 
       Options: Bryophytes, Cyanobacteria, Diatom, Euglena 
6.    Bryophytes plant differ from other plant in
       Options: (a) Vascular tissues (b) they do not process roots
7.    Jute fibre is obtain from?
        Options: (a) metaxylem  (b) xylem vessel (c) phloem vessel (d) interxylary xylem
8.     How many heart chambers in cockroach ?
9.    Gland which only found in male mammalian
10.     In some plants leaves are modified into?
11.    Bone marrow is not present in which?
12.    Mammalian belongs to which Phylum?
13.    Lateral root is present in?
         Options: (a) Epidermis (b) Pericycle (c) Endodermis (d) Hypodermis\
14.    What is allele?

Physics MNS 2020 Questions

1.    Parsec is unit of?
2.    If the kinetic energy of an object is increased 4 times. What will be the increment of the movement
       Options: (a) Unchanged (b) 4 times (c) 3 times (d) 2 times 
3.    The focal length of a convex mirror is 50 cm. What will be its Power
      Options: (a) -2D (b) +2D (c) -0.02D (d) +0.02D
4.    Questions Related Topics
       Surface Tension
5.    Paper chromatography is based on which principle?
6.    Wavelength of balmer series?



Chemistry MNS 2020 Exam Questions

1.    Why does carbon form many compounds?
2.    Same no. of neutrons called?
3.    Method used to separate methanol and acetone?---
       Options: (a) Crystallization (b) Fractional Distillation (c) Steam Distillation (d) Sublimation 
4.    Method used to separate very minute solid particle from a liquid---
5.    According to recent study Ground water in India is contaminated by which element?
       Options: (a) Sodium (b) Iron (c) Lead (d) Boron----
6.    Down’s process is used to extract---
       Options: (a) Sodium  (b) Lithium (c) Potassium (d) Barium 
7.    Least paramagnetic material is---
       Options: (a) Fe  (b) Ni (c) Cu (d) Mn 
8.    Ortho and Para hydrogen differ in ---
       Options: (a) Spin of their e-   (b) atomic mass (c) Spin of their p+ (d) atomic number

9.    Chemical used in lead storage battery

General Intelligence MNS 2020 Questions

1.    KONKAN naval exercise between India and ?---
2.    Dro??ch?rya award is given to?
3.    Para Olympics is held for which category of people?
4.    PIN full form?
5.    PIN in credit card mean?---
6.    Fastest swimmer of the World?-- 
7.    Country newly formed? 
8.    Right to move to SC is mentioned in which article?
9.    In which state Mother Teresa University situated?
10.    Which river crosses the equator twice?
11.    First woman to receive bookers prize in India?
12.    Highest civilian award?
13.    Director General of WHO?
14.    Upper limit for PMJKBY?
15.     Janta Curfew implemented on the day?
16.    On 12 January 2020 which hockey player died?
17.    Arjuna Award started?
18.    EM Forest famous book?
19.    Newly formed country?
20.    Building visible from Moon?
21.    Satellite of Earth?
22.    Dilli Chalo slogan is given by?
23.    Director General of WHO?
24.    Nobel Peace Prize in 2019?
25.     1st Indian to receive Man Booker Prize?
26.    First women to win booker prize in India?
27.    Who is the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of India?
28.    Which country is known as land of canal?
29.    The ‘Inheritance of Loss’ written by?
30.    2019 Jnanpith award winner?
31.    Blue Revolution is related to?
32.    NCERT full form?
33.    OS full form in computer?
34.    2020 Summer Olympic is held in which country?
35.    How many number in postal pincode?
36.    Who won 28 (23 gold) medals in Olympic games?
37.    Swayam Prabha related to which ministry ?
38.    Which river cross equator twice? 
39.    Para Olympic is held for which category of people? 
40.    CDMA  fullform?
41.     ALU full form?
42.    Anti terrorism day?
43.     Longest Constitution written of which country?
44.    First earth summit at?
45.    Which animal is the symbol of WWF?
46.    Where is located longest and highest glasses bridge?
47.    Human Right Day?
48.    Theme of TB day?
49.    Which river cut equator twice? 

50.    Gas yojana comes under which yojna?
51.    Recently navy launched which mission?
52.    Saare Jaha Se Acha song is composed by?
53.    UDR fullform?
54.    International Fighter Day on?
55.    Folk dance of Assam?—
56.    The man who got nobel peace prize twice in physics?
57.    Women who got nobel peace prize in different field?
58.    In 2019 PM. Narendra Modi is honored by which award?
59.    Who discover cell phone?
60.    Populated state according to 2011census?
61.    Ful form of OS in computer?
62.    ‘One life is no enough’ book is written by?
63.    Ellora cave painting was related with?
64.    National emblem taken from?
65.    Satriya dance is of which state?


Reasoning MNS 2020 Questions

1.    80, 40, ____, 44, 90, 42
2.    40, 80, 44,____, 48, 90, 52, 95
3.    Introducing a man, a women said, ‘He is the son of the brother of my mother, how the man belonged to the women’?

4.    Two days before of yesterday is Friday then day after tomorrow is which day?