23-October 2020 2.00

Well undoubtedly interview is the most important part of SSB. The interview is a means for the candidate to showcase their talent, ability, personality, intelligence and dedication to actively join the Indian Armed forces and contribute to their motherland, making the interview as the ice breaker round for your selection process. The tip to be prepped up for the interview round is mainly to keep your nerves in control, stay calm and composed, and be natural and to try not to outsmart in any way and have the best understanding about yourself as well as the people around you.


  • - To appear for the Interview round it is important to be prepared beforehand and be ready so that you do not get perplexed and miss out on the specifics. There are broadly categorized set of questions which forms the outline that can most closely associate with the following set of questions:
  • - PIQ Based Questions
  • - Frequently Asked Questions
  • - Rapid Fire Round Questions
  • - Defence Awareness Based Questions
  • - Questions  based on National and International awareness.


The above set of questions that could possibly be asked in the Personal Interview are summarized for your better understanding here. Just go through the same to get a better grasp of this round and familiarize yourself with the actual situation as what you will be put to. Let’s have a look at the same-


1. All about you- Right from What is your name? The meaning of your name, Your native place,

Members in your family, What do they do? Your siblings, What are you pursuing these days  What do you like/dislike, Your favorites, etc.


2. Your Family- Details about your family right from the members in your family to the occupation of all the working class members, the siblings, relationship with each of your family member, the siblings, place and details where you reside, to compare yourself with your siblings, the closest bond that you share within your family, your contribution in family etc.


3. Educational Background- The questions about the institution (School/ College) you studied.  What were your achievements? Have you represented your college or school at any level or any leadership qualities/ posts held at school/college level, to what subjects you like/ dislike and why? Which teachers you liked/ disliked? The location/ surroundings/ prestige and cultural heritage of your school/ college, etc./ your future goals, your plan of action and what do you currently do? If there is a education gap in academic year/ Decline in percentage of class/ college year, in such cases be ready to answer cross questions on that.


4. Your friend circle- The questions that can be put up are- How many friends do you have? What do you like/dislike in your friends? Who is your best friend and why? Comparison of your friend with you, What are their interests? and other related questions.


6. Reason to enlist for Defence Forces-  Most important question asked in the interviews-The reason why do you want to join forces? If you end up not making it, What will you do? Why only the Army, Navy or Air Force and why not other career options? What made you think that you want to pursue this as an career option and why? If applied and appeared prior then what was the reason that you were not selected? Why proper efforts were not taken and why do you think you are fit or can be deemed to be called as an Officer?


7. Hobbies/ Areas of Interests- In general questions can be asked as what are your favorite pastimes/hobbies? Why do you have an inclination of playing football/ dancing/ acting, etc. Do you like reading, if yes, then why and who is your favorite author? Last book you read/ book review etc. Do you want to make your hobby / interest area as a future career? How your hobbies benefit you?


8. Your most memorable /challenging moment of your life- Why and how? Your life in college/school , your worst day of your life- Why and how?


9. Current national and international news related to polity, economic, social, sports, etc. field so as to check your awareness and knowledge.


10. Command and good knowledge of your specialized course of subject/ academic subjects.


11. What are your strengths and weakness? If you were weak in any specified area how did you cope and strive?



12. What if you were asked to organize a school match/ football match/ any local festival- How will you organize everything and lead your team to success and if you lose how will you cope up with the same, how will you react in both the situation?


13. Did you take any guidance/ coaching/ special preparation to prepare for your SSB? Why and what sort of?


Well for starters above are some of the pointers pertaining to what you can most probably expect for yourself to be asked upon but keep in mind that you must be genuine and answer in relevance to the situation without faking anything. Do keep in mind that speaking is an art and that whatever you utter must be backed up with proper incidents and examples, and do not hurry or flutter and have a control over your emotions and tongue, maintain proper body language, gestures, eye contact with a clear diction without faltering or hesitating and be formal, polite and you will surely ace out your interview. Remember knowledge is power. Therefore, keep updating  your knowledge level for success.  Good luck for the same!!!!