How to answer ‘Why should you join Indian Armed Forces?’

How to answer ‘Why should you join Indian Armed Forces?’
30-October 2020 2.00

How to appropriately answer in the interview ‘Why should you join Indian Armed Forces?’


Well, certainly the Indian Armed Forces is the most coveted professions one can possibly imagine to be associated and be a part of, undeniably touting it as a reckoning of sorts. The Indian Armed Forces is a three winged association comprising of The Indian Army, The Indian Air Force and The Indian Navy. Serving in the Armed Forces is not an easy rope to walk by as it requires a person to be highly principled with utmost discipline, diligence, hard work, courage, and with great moral fiber. Definitely such level of commitment is not an easy thing to shoulder upon thus requiring full dedication and voluntary participation leading to a very profound and most favorite question of all times, ‘Why should you join Indian Armed Forces?’ or what is in you that makes you think worthy of being able to be a part of this esteemed and prestigious organization?’

                    This is supposedly the most common hurdle I guess all the aspirants face and come across and not to mention a variety of responses can serve as a reply to this question but you need to understand the gravity of weightage, this question carries then can you only be fit to answer to this question.

             For starters this question is a means or degree to evaluate the willingness factor of any candidate for joining the forces because it is imperative to keep in mind that by just saying that you wish to be a part of the Armed Forces will do you no good unless you are backed and instilled with the very notion of it because the assessors are not hiring you for any job so you gotta show that passion for joining the forces.

             Secondly, keep in mind to be natural, spontaneous from the innermost self of your heart and don’t ever depend on any second person’s opinion in answering the same. Your response should not look like you have been coached or instilled with any pre conceived notions or thoughts rather they should display the originality and spontaneity of the hour making the assessor think you to be the right choice.

              Thirdly, it is imperative to answer in the most genuine manner that appears to be authentic and valid so uttering any stereotypical answer will definitely defeat the purpose like saying ‘ you wish to join the forces as it was your childhood dream’, or  ‘ I want to serve the nation by joining the forces’ ‘ I want to end or finish terrorism from the country’, these all answers are neither valid nor even realistic so be practical and true to your thoughts.

               Fourthly, the inspiration and zeal must be a driving force strong enough to exemplify that fire that you feel by just having that ambition to wear that uniform or have those badges inked to your shoulder or by seeing any of your family member/ acquaintances being a part of this elite organization that instilled and inspired to lead a disciplined and honorable life to serve  the nation with pride and honor.

            Fifthly, serving for the Armed Forces really means to shoulder a lot and must definitely reflect real attachment and inclination towards the forces, it is not a 9 to 5 every day desk borne job you really must be in strong pursuit of acquiring and learning as much as you can and always pushing your limits to the extreme therefore it is all the more mandatory to have a deep and thorough knowledge of the defence forces, its background, ranks, medals, regiments, uniforms, the wars, the decorations, etc. You should be aware of the whole journey or cycle of the forces right from beginning to end by having the knowledge beforehand or by having an interest in acquiring the same.This shows your real affection towards the forces and displays that zeal and makes you no doubt the worthy choice.

         Sixthly, the dedication that you possess must really come across because serving your country at the cost of your life in the toughest of situations under the worst terrains,being away from your loved ones needs real grit and courage and definitely if you don’t possess the dedication, you can never be an active  agent of this force.

                       Lastly keep in mind that life in the forces is not everyone’s cup of tea or a child’s play. It is not just a job but a way of life that you must most readily integrate with. You really need a reality check of whether or not ‘ you are able to be a part of this elite force’. Measure your words before answering the question, Why you want to join the Indian Armed Forces because if youdo not have the real reason or drive behind the same you can never be a a part of the same. It is the most thrilling career one can possibly imagine of giving a great learning experience at every step so muster yourselves up to self introspect and being true to your responses and see yourself assailing and being recommended through. Good Luck for the same!!!!!