How Women Can Join Army Aviation Corps ?

How Women Can Join Army Aviation Corps ?
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Here comes the good news for all the female defence aspirants and particularly for the individuals who need to join the Indian Army as a pilot in the military aviation corps. Following the Indian Navy and the Air Force, soon the Indian Army will have female pilots in the battle flying job.


In On Army Day 2021-January 15, the Indian Army Chief Gen MM Naravane has said "In December last, I proposed Army Aviation to have ladies pilots."


This year in july, the women officer will undergo pilot training. And, after undergoing training for one year the women officers will be deployed for flying duties in frontline operational units. In 2022, there will be women pilots in the Army Aviation Corps.


According to the chief General MM Naravane, “Military Secretary, Aviation Directorate and the Adjutant General’s branch, have all reached a consensus that the lady officers should be there for flying duties.”


In Indian Army there are no women officers in the flying branch, though they are deployed at the Air Traffic Control duties (ATC) for ground duties. The Indian Army raised the Army Aviation Corps on November 1, 1986 and it comprises helicopters that fly in conflict and peace zones. The Aviation Corps is critical for the Indian Army as it is pressed into action for the evacuation of injured troops during operations or health emergencies in high altitude areas.


Indian Army Aviation Corps

The Indian Army Aviation Corps, shaped in November 1986, was made with the point of furnishing the Indian Army with an air component to give battle and battle uphold in composed activities as an incorporated individual from the Combined Arms Team. The Army Aviation Corps arose out of the recent Air OP units of the Indian Army that were entrusted fundamentally to help field mounted guns. With the production of the Army Aviation Corps and the exchange of the Indian Air Force's light helicopters, the Army Aviation Corps was used primarily for surveillance and perception missions. Contemporarily, in any case, with the acceptance of the Advanced Light Helicopter, the Indian Army Aviation's job in the Combined Arms Team has extended fundamentally.



Army Aviation Crops Training

Training is given to all candidates at the Combat Army Aviation Training School (CATS) at Nashik. The Army Aviation training was previously conducted in School of Artillery, Deolali. But now it is carried out in an independent Combat Air Training School also at Deolali.


Army Aviation Corps Aircraft




HAL Dhruv, HAL Chetak, HAL Cheetah and Cheetal


Army Aviation Corps Decorations

  • - 2 MahaVir Chakra
  • - 1 UttamYudhSeva Medal
  • - 16 Vir Chakra
  • - 3 AtiVishishtSeva Medals
  • - 11 Shaurya Chakra
  • - 5 YudhSeva Medals
  • - 1 Bar to Sena Medal
  • - 54 Sena Medals
  • - 8 VayuSena Medals
  • - 19 VishishtSeva Medals
  • - 45 Mention-in-Despatches
  • - 154 Chief of Army Staff Commendation Cards/Chief of Air Staff Commendation Cards


How to Apply for Army Aviation Training

  • - Candidates who are undergoing training can apply for army aviation during training and they will get army aviation depends on their merit and performance, also on vacancies in army aviation at that point of time.
  • - The officers who are already serving can apply for Indian Army Aviation.



Hope this information will help you; stay tuned for more informative article.