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Abstruse Vocabulary for NDA CDS Competitive Exams

Word: Abstruse 

Parts of Speech: adjective 

Meaning: Difficult to understand 

Sentence: One must put more efforts in abstruse subjects to make them easy to understand. 

Key Word: TRUE

Memory Link: TRUTH is difficult to understand. 

Usage: Let's make at least five sentences to understand it's use in sentences. 

1. Students should not get worried in abstruse concepts, in fact they should try to get more details about it. 

2. A speaker should explain abstruse topics in more detail to make it convenient for the audience to understand. 

3. If you get an abstruse concept, you must ask for clarification. 

4. Nothing is abstruse if one tries to go in depth of the topic. 

5. One should keep working hard until the abstruse topic is clarifed. 

Synonyms: obscure,acrane,esoteric, recherche, rarefied,recondite
enigmatic,difficult,hard,puzzling,perplexing ,

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