List of Ships in the Indian Navy and Their Details

List of Ships in the Indian Navy and Their Details
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List of ships of the Indian Navy

Indian Navy is the maritime branch of the Indian armed forces. The Indian Navy safeguards our maritime boundary in wartime and peace. The Indian Navy is also a ‘Blue Water Navy’ which operates globally in deep waters of open oceans. India Navy currently operates 1 active aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya, and another aircraft carrier INS Vishal is under construction. The Indian Navy has 11 Destroyers, 13 Figattes and 19 Corvettes. The Indian Navy operates a large fleet of attack submarines which total 16 in number.


List of Indian Navy Ships




Name of Ships


Destroyers is the biggest class of ship operated by the Indian Navy. Destroyers have armaments for all 3 dimensions air, surface, and sub-surface. Destroyers in the Indian Navy are armed with armaments like Bramhis, Barak-8, Torpedoes, etc.

Rajput Class Destroyers-

  1. INS Rajput
  2. INS Rana
  3. INS Ranveer
  4. INS Ranvijay

Delhi Class Destroyers-

  1. INS Delhi
  2. INS Mysore
  3. INS Mumbai

Kolkata Class Destroyer-

  1. INS Kolkata
  2. INS Kochi
  3. INS Chennai

Visakhapatnam Class Destroyer-

  1. INS Visakhapatnam
  2. INS Mormugao
  3. INS Imphal(under construction)
  4. INS Porbandar(under construction)



Frigates is the second biggest ship operated by the Indian Navy. There are a total of 13 Frigates in the Indian Navy.

  1. INS Shivalik
  2. INS Satpura
  3. INS Sahyadri
  4. INS Talwar
  5. INS Trishul
  6. INS Tabar

And There are 7 other Frigates.


Coverretes are small size attack ships. Corvettes are highly maneuverable and have surface-to-surface and surface-to-air fighting capabilities. Some Coverretes have anti-submarine capability also.

  1. INS Kamorta
  2. INS Kadmatt
  3. INS Kiltan
  4. INS Kavaratti

And there are 15 other Corvettes


Submarines is an underwater attack ship. Submarines are capable of destroying enemy targets below the water. In India, there are both conventional and nuclear-powered submarines.

  1. INS Kalvari
  2. INS Khanderi
  3. INS Vagir
  4. INS Vela
  5. INS Karanj
  6. INS Arihant(nuclear powered)

And there are 11 other Submarines.




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