100 Personal Questions Asked in SSB Interview 2023

100 Personal Questions Asked in SSB Interview 2023
11-January 2023...........

100 Most Frequently Asked Personal Questions in SSB Interview

Personal Interview is conducted between the second and fourth day of five days SSB interview process. The deputy commandant of the SSB board generally conducts the personal interview. A personal Interview is a harrowing part of SSB  for so many Defence Aspirants. During the Personal Interview, Questions from the PIQ form, the background of candidates, hobbies, and interests can be asked. During this personal interview round, ‘Mansa’ and ‘Vacha’  part of the SSB Interview is tested by Interviewing Officer.


Here, we are providing a list of the 100 most frequently questions asked during the personal interview. Through this article,  Candidates can get an idea of which types of questions are asked during the personal interview .


Question 1- What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?


Question 2- What is your daily routine on working days and on holidays?


Question 3- What were some of your extracurricular activities during school?


Question 4-  What is the meaning of your name and how do you live up to your name?


Question 5- Tell me about your family background.


Question 6- What are traits that your parents do not like in you?


Question 7- How is your relationship with your Mother?


Question 8- How is your relationship with your Father?


Question 9- How is your relationship with Sister?


Question 10- How is your relationship with your Brother?


Question 11- How is your relationship with your Friends?


Question 12- What do you do in your free time?


Question 13- How do you picture yourself after 10 years?


Question 14- Do you fight with your Brother or Sister?


Question 15- Did you ever have a fight with anyone?


Question 16- For what purpose do you use social media?


Question 17- Tell me about your favorite teacher, and why he/she is your favorite teacher.


Question 18- Tell me about the teacher you do not like and why do you not like him/her.


Question 19- What is your ultimate aim in your life?


Question 20- What is the best advice given by your father to you?


Question 21- Tell me about the law and order situation in your city.


Question 22- What are your plans after five years?


Question 23- What was your favorite subject during school?


Question 24- What motivated you to join Indian Armed Forces?


Question 25- What did you do with your first salary?


Question 26- What do you do in your free time?


Question 27- What did you do with your first salary?


Question 28- How do you keep yourself fit?


Question 29- How do you help your friends?


Question 30- Why did you choose this field(Science/Arts/Commerce/Engineering) for your graduation?


Question 31- Do you have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?


Question 32- How is your relationship with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend?


Question 33- Do you smoke or drink alcohol?


Question 34- How did you prepare for SSB?


Question 35- Which is your favorite Book?


Question 36- What was the best day in your life?


Question 37- Have you ever participated in any social activity?


Question 38- If you become prime minister of India, then what will five things you would like to change?


Question 39- If you are recommended in the SSB, then whom you will first; your father or your mother?


Question 40- How do you manage your studies with the preparation of competitive exams?


Question 41- What are you doing to improve your communication skills?

Question 42- How is your relationship with your neighbors?


Question 43- Why there is a decline in your marks after the 12th class?


Question 44- In which exams you have appeared till now? And what was the result of those exams?


Question 45- Who is closer to you in your family?


Question 46- Have you done something that you are proud of that?


Question 47- What do your parents think about joining the Armed Forces?


Question 48- What will you do if you are not recommended in the SSB?


Question 49- How much money do your parents give to you as pocket money?


Question 50- Have you ever played any role as a leader during your school days?


Question 51- What are the top qualities of your father?


Question 52- What are the weaknesses of your father?


Question 53- What makes you a unique person?


Question 54- Who is the governor of your state?


Question 55- Who is the chief minister of your state, and do you like him?


Question 56- If your friend and your girlfriend are stuck, whom will you save first?


Question 57- What is being done by India to become a superpower?


Question 58- Tell me the names of the fighter jets in the Indian Airforce.


Question 59- Tell me the names of Helicopters in the Indian Airforce.


Question 60- Which is the most famous Dish in your state?


Question 61- Have you made any friends during SSB?


Question 62- How did you come here?


Question 63- Who is our biggest enemy; Pakistan or Terrorism?


Question 64- How is the relationship of India with its neighbors?


Question 65-  Who is our best friend; Israel or Russia?


Question 66- Tell me the names of Tanks in India.


Question 67- How can we become a developed country?


Question 68- What are steps taken by the present government to modernize Indian Armed Forces?


Question 69- How should we deal with china; diplomatically or militarily?


Question 70- Give a geographical overview of your place.


Question 71- What are the main weapons used by Indian Army?


Question 72- Tell me the names of Special forces in India and which is your favorite special force?


Question 73- Has India become a space power?


Question 74- Tell me the names of five missiles in India.


Question 75- Tell me the name of the Aircraft Carrier operated by the Indian Navy.


Question 76- What is the difference between a Destroyer and a Corvette?


Question 77- Why Russia is attacking on Ukraine?


Question 78- Whom do you support; Russia or Ukraine and why?


Question 79- How was your experience during SSB?


Question 80- Which is your favorite regiment in the Indian Army?


Question 81- Which fighter jet you would like to fly after joining Indian Airforce?


Question 82- What are the three things that your father wants to change in you?


Question 83- Have you taken any caching for the preparation of SSB?


Question 84- How is your relationship with your colleagues?


Question 85- What is the most foolish thing you have done in your life?


Question 86- Why does India not perform well in the Olympics?


Question 87- What are things that your friends do not like in you?


Question 88- Do you bunk your classes and why do you bunk them?


Question 89- What is the length and width of this room?


Question 90- When and Why Navy Day is celebrated?


Question 91- Do you share your secrets with your family?


Question 92- What are the things that you do not like about your friends?


Question 93- Should Girls be allowed to serve in the special forces?


Question 94- What was the worst moment in your life?


Question 95- Tell me five latest international news and five latest national news.


Question 96- Tell me 5 recent joint military exercises conducted by the Indian Armed Forces.


Question 97- Suggest Five Improvements that should be done at this selection center.


Question 98- What are the five things that can you do with this pen?


Question 99- Why the post of Chief of Defence was created and how it will help Indian Armed Forces?


Question 100- Which type of movies do you like to watch?



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