Top 10 SSB Coaching Institutes in India

Top 10 SSB Coaching Institutes in India
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SSB Coaching Institutes in India

SSB interview plays a very important role in your journey to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. It is a kind of intelligence and personality test which is conducted by the Service Selection Board under the Minister of Defence of the Government of India. This interview is very important for all those aspirants who want to become an officer in the Indian Army, Indian Air Force or Indian Navy. Since competition to join the armed forces is rising, it has become the need of the hour to seek quality guidance and the right mentorship for SSB interviews. Read on to learn more about the best SSB coaching institute in India.

When you search for an institute for the best SSB preparation, then you should keep in mind whether the institute guides all the tests required for the SSB interview, i.e., special attention to the Picture Perception and Description Test (PP&DT), which is a very important part of the screening, only if you clear it, you can go to the next round of the SSB interview. You should also pay attention to whether the institute is preparing you for the psychological tests, GTO obstacles, and personal interview. Considering all these key factors, we have prepared a list of the top 10 SSB coaching institutes in India. In this extensive blog, we will discuss the top SSB coaching classes in India along with their features.


Why join a coaching institute for SSB preparation?

Before we discuss the top 10 SSB coaching institutes in India, let us see why you should join a coaching institute for SSB preparation. OIR and PP&DT are very important parts of the screening tests in SSB interviews. Here, intelligence as well as communication skills, writing skills, narration skills, and interpersonal skills of candidates play a crucial role. To better understand these attributes, it is important to seek guidance from mentors.


  • You can’t analyze your performance unless you get feedback from experienced mentors. There are various types of individual and group obstacles and exercises included in the GTO part of the SSB interview process, where your OLQs are assessed by the Group Testing Officer. You can’t get exposure to all these GTO obstacles and practical training unless you join a coaching institute and get trained under the supervision of a mentor.

  • You can’t present yourself well and with full confidence in group discussion and lecturette parts in SSB interviews unless you do a lot of practice with your peers and competitors. In psychological assessments, various tests need thorough guidance from a psychologist to understand the complexities of the various tests like TAT, WAT, SRT, and SDT.

  • Above all, the personal interview stage plays a decisive role in the SSB interview process. When you join a coaching institute for SSB preparation, you get various opportunities to experience mock interviews before you appear for the actual SSB interview. Such mock SSB interviews provide real feedback to candidates so that they can assess their performance and make necessary improvements for better performance in the actual SSB. So these are some benefits of joining an SSB coaching institute.


Why is SSB coaching important?

To identify officer-like qualities (OLQs) in defence aspirants, the Services Selection Board (SSB) conducts a personality and intelligence test. Candidates getting ready for the SSB Interview need to be aware that a good personality doesn't just appear; it takes time to inculcate qualities that are similar to officers in the Indian Armed Forces. As a result, an SSB coaching center might be helpful to you as you prepare for the SSB interview.


  • SSB coaching facilities provide qualified assistance and direction for SSB interviews as well as a variety of prospects for joining the Indian Armed Forces. A candidate's personality must be thoroughly examined in the context of a competitive assessment like that of the SSB.

  • Without the right guidance of an experienced mentor, this reflection cannot be holistically evaluated. Hence, the guidance of a mentor can help you analyze your personality traits and refine them to receive a recommendation.

  • Enrolling in a coaching institute can help you improve your chances of getting recommended. Coaching institutes help develop your proficiency while also honing your skills for the SSB Interview.

  • You get an all-inclusive learning opportunity under the guidance of professionals to excel in the interview process. The guidance and support you get from a coaching institute can help maintain a high level of consistency throughout your preparation.

List of 10 Best Coaching Institutes for SSB Preparation

1. Centurion Defence Academy

Centurion Defence Academy is the best SSB coaching institute in India. It has offline centers in Lucknow and Dehradun. Centurion Defence Academy has India’s elite SSB panel comprising retired officers of the Indian Armed Forces and defence professionals. It provides complete guidance for SSB interview preparation. Centurion is known for rendering the highest selections in officer-cadre entries of the armed forces. It has India’s largest GTO ground for the best SSB preparation. In its SSB panel, various DIPR-trained retired officers guide and train SSB aspirants for outstanding performance in the SSB interview. The Academy runs a 21-day SSB program to prepare defence aspirants with all aspects of the SSB interview. Below are the key features of Centurion’s SSB course.

  • Guidance from Elite SSB Panel: Learn from experienced retired officers and experts in the SSB selection process.

  • Comprehensive SSB Overview: Understand every stage of the interview process, from screening tests to personal interviews.

  • Effective Screening Test Techniques: Get practical tips on writing, narrating, and discussing stories in PP&DT.

  • Psychological Skills Development: Gain insights into TAT, WAT, SRT, and SDT through case studies and guidance.

  • Access to Free SSB Book: Utilize "Ranneeti," a valuable resource authored by Sir Shishir Dixit, for case-study-based guidance.

  • Thorough Dossier Assessment: Receive detailed feedback on strengths and areas for improvement from Interviewing Officers.

  • Practical Training on Largest GTO Ground: Practice on over 165 obstacles to prepare for GTO tasks effectively.

  • Personal Interview Strategies: Learn smart techniques to excel in personal interviews and map profiles effectively.

  • SSB Mock Interviews: Undergo realistic mock interview sessions with personalized feedback for improvement.

  • CPSS Training: Prepare for the Computerised Pilot Selection System under the guidance of retired Air Force pilots.

For more details related to Centurion Defence Academy’s SSB course, you may contact them at +91 9795977776 / +91 9795977779.

2. National Defence Career Academy

National Defence Career Academy offers SSB interview coaching classes in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and written exams for the UPSC examinations NDA, and CDS. National Defence Career Academy has officers who are well qualified and have extensive experience in effectively coaching centers for SSB interviews.

  • Unmatched Quality Study Material

  • Effective Online and Offline Courses

  • High-Yielding Test Series

  • Top-Class Faculty and Mentors

  • Comprehensive Personality Development

  • Endless Support and Guidance


3. Star Angel Coaching Indore

Star Angel Coaching Indore is one of the best SSB coaching institutes in India. It provides SSB coaching that starts every week. Complete SSB guidance is provided by Start Angel Coaching.

  • SSB Coaching starts every week.

  • 2 weeks of SSB coaching is provided.

  • Guidance is provided by mentors.

  • Attention is paid to the areas of improvement.


4. Cadeto India


Cadeto India Armed Forces Preparation Institute excels in the field of written exam preparation for Defence Exams like - SSB Interviews | NDA | CDS | AFCAT | Soldier GD | Group X & Y | & GATE | CAT | UPSC Civil Services | Banking | Other Exams. We are present in both Online / Virtual mode and Offline physical classrooms.

5. Bright Career Academy, Shimla


Bright Career Academy firmly believes that as an educational institute, it is its duty not only to enable the students to succeed in their pursuit of clearing the competitive exams but also to enact their bright young minds in the accession and intellectual augmentation of society as a whole. They assert the students to explore the horizons of their capabilities and boost them into surpassing the limits of excellence.


6. Edge Academy Kota, Rajasthan


"EDGE ACADEMY has set out to impart training and life skills with emphasis on enhancing ‘HUMAN EDGE’ through personality enrichment and excellence. Edge Academy offers a variety of Courses and  Workshops including training for Joining the Armed Forces and giving you a military-like experience.

7. Saarthi Institute for Career Excellence


Saarthi Institute for Career Excellence is imbued with the spirit to transcend the youth of the country into future leaders as pillars of modern India. It has played a vital role in assessing and selecting the future generation of officers in the Indian Armed Forces.

8. Raksha Academy Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Raksha Academy is one of the best coaching institutes for SSB preparation. Its mentor is a retired Coast Guard Officer who has a rich experience in the recruitment of officers and has designed the SSB training facilities at Raksha Academy, Motera to provide an actual SSB environment to the candidates to develop their confidence for better results in SSB.

9. Vision Defence Training Center Chennai


Vision Defence Institute is the best and most sought-after defence officer preparatory and training center located in Chennai. Their mission is to make your dream come true and achieve your goal of being in Uniformed services in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Indian Coast Guard, and Paramilitary forces in India.

10. Pratham Pag Academy, Gwalior


Pratham Pag Academy is the first-of-its-kind academy in Gwalior and nearby areas. The Academy is well known for its faculty and the amount of input the institution puts in one's preparation for defence exam and SSB. Their live SSB sessions and individual performance assessments by teachers are the most appreciable part.


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