How to crack the Word Association Test (WAT) of SSB interview

How to crack the Word Association Test (WAT) of SSB interview
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How to crack the Word Association Test (WAT) ?

During the SSB interview, candidates preparing for the armed services have to go through a series of tests to prove their psychological and physical abilities. One of the psychological tests administered on the second day of the SSB interview process is the WAT, or Word Association Test. It is an extremely effective method for determining a candidate's personality. In this test, 60 words are flashed on the screen one after the other for 15 seconds each, during which time the candidate must see the word and write a short statement employing it. Let's have a look at some tips to crack SSB WAT. 


Important points to be remembered while appearing for the SSB WAT

  • WAT is a psychological procedure that involves examining an individual's mental thoughts and actions. During this test, candidates will have a word displayed in front of them for 15 seconds and must use that word to make a meaningful sentence.

  • The test comprises 60 words that are projected on the screen for 15 seconds each, during which you must both think and write. This gives you a total of 15 minutes for 60 words during the test.

  • Words are designed in such a manner that, depending on the candidate's cognitive process, each word can be interpreted as a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective, driving participants to write the first response that immediately springs to mind.

  • The responses are then compared to the Officer Like Qualities that each candidate must possess, allowing the psychologist to assess a candidate's personality based on each response.


Tips to crack WAT


  • Sentence Framing 


The sentences should be written in such a way that they convey positivity, responsibility, integrity, and competence, among other qualities.


  • Words Usage


You may use any version of the word as shown, but the statement must not contain negative emotions such as fear, arrogance, or negligence.


  • Don’t Repeat


Candidates should not use the exact language in each statement, as this demonstrates a lack of innovation and thought.


  • Be Authentic 


Keep your sentences as natural and genuine as possible, and avoid artificially framing a complimentary sentence.


  • Be Imaginative


You should not memorize sentences from books or other sources, and you should also avoid using general knowledge in the majority of your statements.


  • Avoid Suggestions


Avoid using too many modal verbs because they imply a suggestion or counsel, so keep your response spontaneous and realistic.


  • Don’t Use Idioms and Phrases


Avoid using idioms and phrases, and avoid imposing officers' like qualities into every sentence. Instead, keep the response genuine.


  • Make Short Sentences


With the use of a timer, attempt to create sentences as brief as possible and try to interpret them using real-life examples.



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