20 Most Important GD Topics For Indian Air Force X-Y

20 Most Important GD Topics For Indian Air Force X-Y
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Important GD Topics For Indian Air Force X-Y

Indian Air Force invites applicants for various posts, belonging to different education credentials. It is hence the high dream of Indian youth these days.

X and Y group are one of the basic divisions of Indian Air Force seen in the backdrop of its entrance exam. While X group stands for technical, Y group is for non- technical position. Both of them follow an entrance wherein the students have to appear for written exam+ AT1+ AT2+ PFT.

One of the crucial rounds here is Group Discussion. Its aim is to judge the communication skills of the candidate; the knowledge he possess about current affairs and his personality.


To give you a hint of how it looks like here is a collection of 20 topics for I.A.F (X and Y group) group discussion round:

1. What is the cause of unemployment in India:

  • Illiteracy
  • Poverty

2. What is the prime advantage of internet?

  • It reduces time and energy
  • It connects the world

3. What is the reason behind deterioration of health in India?

  • Reduce pollution
  • Work upon malnutrition

4.What measures should be taken for girl empowerment?

  • Increase education of girls
  • Increase employment of girls

5.How to increase number of Defence Officers in India

  • Motivate the youth through social media
  • Make the selection process easy

6.Should we have co- education system?

  • Yes
  • No

7.What is the central cause of economic dropdown in India

  • Corruption
  • Unemployment

8.What causes more success in life

  • Hard work
  • Intelligence

9.How to improve employment situation in India

  • Increase the count of start- ups
  • Open up more government jobs

10.What is the common aim of today’s youth?

  • Earn more money
  • Get a successful career

11.What is the scope of smart cities in India?

  • Makes India modernized
  • Bring in foreign investment

12.How is freelancing helping the youth

  • Gives them a part time employment
  • Increase their knowledge and experience

13.Which is better:

  • Government job
  • Corporate job

14.What causes most pollution

  • Increased use of automobiles
  • Global warming

15. What is the advantage of Uniform Civil Code?

  • It will unite people
  • It will strengthen the judiciary

16.How to increase girl safety in India

  • Train the girls for self protection
  • Introduce strict laws in judiciary

17.What are the perks of introducing yoga in school

  • It will inculcate healthy habits in students from young age
  • Connect the students to Indian culture

18.Comment on use of fire crackers in Diwali

  • Fire crackers must be banned completely
  • Fire crackers must be used in limited amount

19.Today’s youth is most addicted to:

  • Technology
  • Money

20.what is the outcome of Swach Bharat Abhiyan

  • it has reduced pollution immensely
  • it still needs a lot of time to bring improvement

Quite easy, isn’t it? Well yeah, the G.D round, seen especially from the perspective of topics is simple. All you need is grooming your knowledge+ communication. Oh and don’t forget to add the finishing touch by an ample amount of confidence and a smile!

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