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Most Important Lecturette Topics For SSB

SSB Lecturette topics

SSB Interview is a Five Day process where a candidate is accessed by different Officer. The main Stages  involves Psychology, GTO, Interview. During the GTO test a test conducted to Judge the personality of Candidate named as Lecturette. In this test a small speech or we can say lecture or a small talk is given by the candidate. This Lecturette test is conducted by GTO during Group task in SSB.  Your performance in Lecturette really matters because it is a test in which you are assessed individually
Here we are sharing some of the important SSB lecturette topics that have been asked in last 2 years. These all topics are very important for all Defence aspirant those who are going for their SSB.

Latest Lecturette Topics Asked In SSB Interview
•    Indian Space Research organization
•    Terrorism and infiltration.
•    Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan 
•    Cosmetic-a new rage, Privacy, Genetically modified food, Fav Sportsperson 
•    Electronic devices
•    Internal problems between Indo Pak 
•    Tourism in India 
•    Development of rural areas in India
•    Right to Education
•    Right to Information
•    Secularism, Nuclear Proliferation, Subsidies 
•    Indian Foreign Policy 
•    Internet- curse or boon 
•    Poverty Eradication 
•    Cross border terrorism, Strategic importance of Indian Ocean.
•    Coastal security 
•    Cyber Security, Brain drain, Family planning, Internet necessary evil, China secret threats against India
•    Cyber bullying 
•    Organ trafficking
•    India’s stand on terrorism 
•    Higher education in India 
•    West Asia Crisis 
•    South China Sea Dispute 
•    Biotechnology 
•    India’s foreign relation, DRDO, Junk food, Constitutional reforms 
•    World Trade Organization, United Nations role in global Development 
•    Operating System 
•    Dynastic Politics 
•    Cybercrime, Sports in India, Social media
•    Swatch Bharat 
•    India – A Giant Country Awaken 
•    Coalition politics, Extra-terrestrial life, Meeting energy crisis in India 
•    Metro railway 
•    Impact of Globalization on Indian economy
•    Superiority of RUSSIA AND USA in world and the rising competition
•    Dynamic politics 
•    Election system in India 
•    Should India break its diplomatic ties with Pakistan 
•  Betting to be legalised in India or not
•    Cause of poverty in India 
•   USA- China relations
•    Women in combat role 
•    Criminalization in politics 
•    Tourism in India
•    Impact of cinema on youth 
•    Distance Education 
•    Global Warming 
•    Doping in sports 
•    Ills of democracy 
•    Juvenile crime 
•    Land requisition bill, e commerce, Aadhar Card, Indo China relations 
•    AFSPA 
•    Falling value of Indian rupee in context to dollar 
•    FDI in defence 
•    Yoga 
•    Population – Merits and demerits 
•    Reservations system 
•    CPEC, Sex Education 
•    Sponsorship in sports
•    Mobile phones 
•    WTO, Social Network, Tax Reform and My Best Friend
•    Indian Democracy – Is it a force or flawed 
•    Indo-China relationship, ISRO vs NASA 

•    Indian Economy
•    Training in Armed Forces 
•    Dowry system, Role of NGO, Senior citizens 
•    Capital Punishment, Child Labour, Gambling 
•    Child labour 
•    Women Empowerment 
•    Indo-China , ISRO 
•    Defense budget
•    Higher education in India 
•    Medical Science 
•    4G Mobile Communication 
•    Reforms in UN security council 
•    National Integration, Television, Mercy Killing 
•    Justice delayed is justice denied 
•    Influence of western culture
•    New technologies in India, Nuclear power
•    Chinese goods impact on India
•    Role of India in united nation
•    Nasalism, Digital Sector, Instagram, Indo Myanmar relations 
•    Election commission 
•    Global Warming 
•    Make in India
•    Sex Education, MNC, Organ Donation 
•    Division of states 
•    Is consumer still a king? 
•    Love marriage or arrange marriage 
•    Power and Politics 
•    Reservation system, Western education vs traditional education
•    Industrialization in India
•    Organic farming 
•    Cybercrime 
•    How to improve sports in India 
•    Uses of technology in agriculture sector 
•    Student Union 
•    Rural development and ethical hacking
•    Unemployment
•    How to increase GDP Rate
•    Agriculture in India.
•    Women as Fighter Pilots in Indain Air Force 
•    Indo China relation 
•    Women in present society 
•    Sports in India 
•    Indo-Russian relationship 
•    Effects of social media 
•    Boarding School IT industry 
•    Importance of E-Commerce 
•    Corruption in politics
•    Present situation of Indian judiciary system
•    Do religious institution promote religious discrimination!?
•    Dynastic politics
•    China becoming an economic super power
•    Illiteracy 
•    Disposal of nuclear waste 
•    Make in India 

We recommend all the Candidates to go through these topics and start preparing for them these will definitely help you in during your SSB Lecturette.


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