Why to have rough copies when I write fairly

Why to have rough copies when I write fairly
04-October 2018 2.00

Why to have rough copies when I write fairly

Dear Students,

Our way of thinking motivates us to proceed on the path of success. If we think negatively,  Somehow we feel that we are not going on the right track whereas the self motivation gives us inner energy to proceed passionately. There are many things that we come across for improvement. Sometimes, it seems quite tough to have a good coverage on those aspects. If we talk about the syllabus of NDA,CDS,MNS,AFCAT, there are many subjects and in those subjects, there are multiple topics to cover. Here we develop an attitude to make things perfect one by one, we may avoid unnecessary or extra burden from us. I would like to take very minute things that play a great role in our success. If those minute things are improved on time, we shall notice that these things have been improved with our little bit attention rather than giving them an attentive scope.

I have observed that writing roughly somehow makes your things tougher. Although in NDA,CDS, MNS and AFCAT, there are only objective type of questions. The scenario of writing is more till 12th but if talk about SSB interview, there is PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test), TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) , SRT (Situation Reaction Test), WAT (Word Association Test), SDT (Self Description Test), PIQ (Personal Intelligence Questionnaire). In all these section you have to write so it’s readability plays an important role. If it is illegible, there is a risk whether the reader takes pain to go through it or not. We can resolve it easily by writing fairly.

I believe that if we start writing fairly with attention to make it better, it gets improved easily. Only attention is to be given and willingness to make your handwriting beautiful. Here rough copies develop an opposite thought that since it is rough so writing it roughly is genuine. But if there is no mindset or there is no scope of writing roughly is there, one develops a habit of writing fairly. Things that come in our habit are long lasting and will be retained with us forever. I also had the same experience when my handwriting was poor and even I was not satisfied with my own handwriting. Since we write for others to read not for self so this idea made my writing better. I started writing fairly wherever I used to write. Even if I was in hurry but the intention to make it beautiful was always there with me. It did not only improve my handwriting in fact, it added to my confidence level too for the presentation.

It is seen that people see only those picture that we make them see. If we have a confident way of presentation, you will not hesitate to present it to anyone. A very obvious fact i.e. you have to be motivated first if you wish to motivate others. If you yourself are not sure about something, you won’t be confident to put that in front of others. Doubtful content is always presented with hunches and conjectures. This is the reason many students do not show their notebook confidently to others. They say “You will not understand what I have written. I will read and make it clear.” What is the use of such writing if it is not presentable.

So it is my advice to all the students who are preparing for defence career that they should start writing fairly wherever they write. You should like it too. Once you start liking your own written content, you will be confident to present it to other also.

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Happy writing !

Aditya Dubey
HOD (English and Communication skills)
Centurion Defence Academy
Alambagh, Lucknow

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