Tips to Write the Best PPDT Story in SSB Interview

Tips to Write the Best PPDT Story in SSB Interview
15-December 2018 2.00

PPDT Story Writing - Tips To Write The Best PPDT Story In SSB Interview

Writing PPDT Story is little bit tricky. Here Defence Guru share some tips for writing best PPDT stories in SSB interview. Read this article and know how to write good stories for PPDT pictures shown in SSB interview.



PPDT is short of picture perception and description test, candidates will be shown a random picture on which candidates have to write a story in a brief amount of time then each candidate have to take part in a group discussion with fellow candidates where they have to discuss their stories with each other and in conclusion they have to decide whose story was the best.

What is the PPDT Procedure

1. During PPDT a bit hazy or blurred picture is shown to the candidates for about 30 seconds.
2. In about next one minute candidates have to write down the details that have noticed in the picture, it will help them in narrating the story
3. These assumption or heat reading of the picture in PPDT is very crucial, the better your skills are the better story you will narrate.
4. After writing down the details of the picture, candidates will be given 4 minutes of time to write the story.
5. After story writing part is complete candidates will formed in a group and story discussion part will start.


Tips to Write the Best PPDT Story

1. When the picture is shown, note down in answer sheet the number of characters, their age and gender, their mood, what has happened, what is going on, future probable actions and the final result.
2. Now, for the part of making a story, elaborate the observations to form a meaningful positive story in 200-250 words spanning over 2-3 paragraphs.
3. The 1st paragraph describes ‘What has happened’, the 2nd paragraph describes ‘What is going on’ and ‘Probable Future Actions’. In the final paragraph, write a positive outcome of your story and how the characters are benefitted from it.
4. In PPDT, either directly or indirectly, you are showing your OLQs. So, make the story authentic and not the one which you have memorised while practising. Writing authentic stories make it meaningful. You can take inspiration from real life examples or even from your personal life. This way, you can make the story way more authentic.
5. Just write the story based on the Picture shown. Note every detail of the picture. Do not make your own deductions in the picture, like creating another imaginary character or steering away from the situation.
6. Do not overthink while writing your story. It’s pure waste of time and shows a lack of authenticity.
7. Perceive the shown picture in just one sentence. This is most critical part and this is where your personality is displayed. For instance, in the following picture, my first perception is “Gorkha Soldiers Resting after Training Exercise”. But for some others, it may be, “Soldiers martyred after a battle with enemies”. So, it all depends on your thinking.


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