Tips to Develop Officer Like qualities for SSB Interview

Tips to Develop Officer Like qualities for SSB Interview
25-January 2019 2.00

How to Develop Officer Like qualities (OLQ) for SSB Interview ?

It is important to understand the officer like qualities for the aspirants of SSB interviews. One should try to find relevance of officer like qualities in ones personal life. These are the expected qualities in the whole process of SSB Interview. Although there is no direct medium to assess these qualities that is why the interviewer gives various situations to observe your reaction. A person takes decision on the basis of his skills set only so the answer has the reflection of these qualities. These qualities are also concerned with the information that a candidate provides in PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) form. One can introspect to analyze one's officer like qualities. Analyzing a quality will make you realize it in your day to day life. The qualities that you feel in yourself make you confident to present them to prove your candidature. Listening to someone about these qualities is not enough unless you practically feel them. Only learning these qualities theoretically will not be sufficient unless you give them your significance and recognition in practical life. One can be confident to explain his qualities if they have been realized practically else it is really difficult to narrate an answer for those qualities. Generally in the discussion examples are asked when you came to know about that quality. In SSB, These qualities in short we say them OLQ's are divided into four factors and under these factors, further these qualities are described. Here my objective is to make you understand and relate these qualities in our practical life so that we can signify them and feel them easily. Once we realize these qualities, we get confident to represent them. This is called self confidence.


Factor I - Effective Intelligence:

The level of intelligence is based on the area where intelligence is applied. A well versed person may meet a person who is not well educated, he finds him intelligent whereas if he finds another person who is much more intelligent than him, he finds himself inferior to that person. So being perfect in intelligence is ineffable. It is typical to say one person a perfect in a field as the levels of perfection keep varying. Now one should understand that every human being has a certain level of intelligence that he uses in his domain. Here effective intelligence for an officer in armed forces means that whatever intelligence he has got in a domain should have the optimum result of it.

Here one should also understand the difference between knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge shows a level that a person has maintained in a field whereas intelligence is something that person gains with practical exposure that he applies to implement his knowledge. Intelligence involves experience of knowledge implementation and is nurtured more and more it is brought into implementation.

We have also observed an engineer and a mechanic. There are assignments which are easily handled by a mechanic. Even the mechanic has not got any professional degree then too he is able to handle such assignments which are in profile of an engineer. It is just because that mechanic has got enough practical exposure to do it. An engineer has opted a professional degree but he also needs practical exposure to bring his gained knowledge in implementation.

So in context of officers, the expectation is to see how well a candidate uses his gained knowledge. Effective usage of intelligence is the expected criteria not his level of knowledge. There is a thought, what if knowledge is not used purposely, efforts to gain it has no significance.



Aditya Dubey
Head of the Department
(English and Interview Skills)
Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow
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