Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills
27-June 2019 2.00

Presentation Skills

Dear Students,

We often get opportunities to present our content in front of the audience. It has become the part of selection too in various interviews and particularly in SSB interview you have lecturette. Although subject knowledge is important but the skills of presentation make it more appealing. Our ultimate objective is to convey our message to listeners in such a manner that they can understand it clearly and their response we can get by their expressions. Its true if our audience is attached with us while giving presenting a topic, it motivates us a lot to proceed. If we receive their passive response due to ambiguity involved in our way presentation, it becomes challenging to go on. Here I am going to share some effective and result oriented tricks that can make your presentation impressive and you may see the output in your favor after it.


Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills


  • Self Motivation

You have to be motivated to motivate others. The content you are going to present should be known to you well and you should be really willing to present. If you deliver the content with passion, the attention of audience is easily drawn towards you. Delivering some ideas passively enforces people to listen but their clairvoyance becomes in question. The objective should be clear to make your audience understand the message willingly and get them connected till the presentation is over.

  • Attaching the content to the root level

WIIFM (What is in it for me?) clearly defines the objectives to the listeners. It is necessary for a presenter to relate the content with his current base. Irrelevant information to the base level takes time to have clarity. A presenter should see the current level of the audience and should try to begin from there only and then he may relate other details tactfully with the base. Once they become comfortable in relating the ideas, their response of understanding becomes better.


  • Avoid Repetition:

We must value our statements, once spoken should remain unchanged. An idea can be clear with first projection too provided time of response should be awaited. After each projection, one should have time to see their response. Constant delivery of ideas and repeating them make it more confusing and time taking too. A presenter should have gravity in his messages and his body language and eye contact should be such that makes his statement meaningful. Avoid cliché too to have a professional communication.

  • Effective Communication Skills

It is obvious that overall language is the interface to deliver the content so one should have excellent command on the language. Voice clarity plays an important role as audience should clearly get your words. Audibility factor also matters. One should ensure one’s audibility as per the distance and number of people in audience. One should have normal rate of speech and should also have necessary pauses while presenting the topic.

  • Eye contact and Body Language in Presentation

One to many communication is there so the presenter should have common eye contact with audience. He should head front with spirit and should have effective body language to present the content. Excess of movement on the stage is also expected in fact the message should be so powerful that it should be eye catching.

  • Effective use of resources in presentation

All resources are expected to be used effectively. Taking a case of writing on board, one should write fairly and clearly. Many presenters are in a hurry and write hurriedly that shows their own hurriedness and they get audience also in hurried manner. Overall presentation is covered and objective is still not fulfilled.


Drafting ones speech makes one confident in presentation. Try to have open ended questions so that audience may answer and get connected to you. I hope these guidelines will surely improve the presentation skills.

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Thanks with Warm Regards

Aditya Kumar Dubey

Head of the Department

English and Interview Skills

Centurion Defence Academy, Alambagh, Lucknow