Vital Facts Cum Tips For Individual Obstacles Task in SSB

Vital Facts Cum Tips For Individual Obstacles Task in SSB
12-October 2019 2.00

Individual Obstacles Task in SSB

Group, group, and group… but what about one’s individual talent?

GTO- the prime session of SSB centered wholly on group exercises and skills has one tiny exception, famously known as Individual Obstacles Task.



A stage of your own- this particular task of the GTO round provides the candidates an opportunity to showcase their individual skills. This is an outdoor task conducted in a ground wherein you have to cross certain obstacles in prescribed time limit. While boys get 10 obstacles, girls get 7 obstacles. The time scheduled is 3 minutes and crossing of each obstacle fetch you a mark. So the more number of obstacles you cross the more marks you score!



No action occurs without a cause. Similarly there is a line of reasons behind Individual Obstacles Task. These goals include:

Examine the physical+ mental capabilities

Determination level

Courage and bold attitude

Analysis, organization and problem solving skill


Working calmly under pressure




Inquisitive about the kinds of hurdles placed in front of you during this task? Well here a list of the obstacles:

  1. 1. Single Ramp
  2. 2. Double Barrel
  3. 3. Balancing Beam
  4. 4. Screen Jump
  5. 5. Burma Bridge
  6. 6. Tarzan Swing
  7. 7. Double Platform Jump
  8. 8. Double Ditch
  9. 9. Commando Walk
  10. 10. Tiger Leap



Plunging on to the process of Individual Obstacles Task let’s take a look of how it proceeds:

The exercise starts with the GTO briefing the candidate about the task. He then shows him the obstacles.

The candidates will be called as per their chest numbers.

There will be 10 obstacles for boys and 7 for girls which they have to cross within 3 minutes.

Each obstacle carries some marks as per its level. In all there are 55 points for crossing all 10 obstacles.

The obstacles are arranged in a random sequence and you have all the freedom to try any of them irrespective of order.

Add to the above benefits there is one more advantage: if you have crossed the entire obstacles and are still left with some time then repeat it to get an extra mark!

There will be bell system like old school. Oh yes one bell rings at 2 ½ minutes to alert that the time is getting over and also to aware the next candidate to get ready.

The final bell rings at 3 minutes to indicate that time is over.



What’s the benefit in describing an issue without projecting its problem? So as to not make your task difficult here is a bunch of hacks to score more in the Individual Obstacle Task:

  • - Listen to the GTO with utmost attention
  • - Commence with the obstacle carrying more marks
  • - Plan your sequence beforehand, don’t appear confused on the ground.
  • - At any point of time if you are stuck then jump on to the next obstacle without wasting time
  • - Do not repeat any obstacle until you are done with all 10.
  • - Often there are clusters of 2-3 obstacles. It’s better to solve these clusters first.
  • - There is a high probability that you will be injured. However it does not call for any sympathy. You are about to be in Defence so show some courage and proceed with confidence.
  • - Be careful of the bells
  • - Be physically active. Indulge in running, walking or any other action so as to warm up your strength.
  • - Some pre- planned tips that you can implement are: grab all the information about the obstacles; practice enough at a nearby ground of your home; keep up your physical stamina by regularly indulging into some or the other exercise.
  • - You need not proof your medical fitness rather all that is needed is your ‘challenge- accepted’ attitude. Show your undying spirit, boldness along with an intelligent approach.
  • - Lastly, display well your confidence!

Individual Obstacle Task is a favorable chance to mark your individualistic impression so make the best use of it. Failure or victory, what matters is the courage to keep going ahead!