Half Group Task in SSB Interview

Half Group Task in SSB Interview
18-October 2019 2.00


Blossoming with ease, HGT is a reiteration of Progressive Group Test with little modification.

Remember PGT round of GTO in SSB? If not, thrust your memory a bit or use time machine. It is the 3rd round and the 1st outdoor exercise in GTO. Following the same track is designed the 6th round of GTO named as Half Group Task (HGT).

The reason I am continuously mentioning PGT is because in HGT all the same rules and procedure of PGT applies except that the strength is reduced to half. Isn’t it quite obvious from the name ‘Half group task’?  This is also an outdoor+ group task.


HGT is a bag full of opportunities, both for the GTO and the candidate. With reduction in count of candidates from 10 to 5 the GTO gets to assess your qualities once again, and this time very minutely. The candidate’s stamina, team spirit, co- ordination, active participation, 15 OLQs, leadership quality, innovative approach and confidence are all examined deeply by the GTO.

Add to that it’s a win- win opportunity for candidates as well. Oh yes don’t think the benefits are loaded only for the GTO. No, dear you get equal benefit as it is a gifted chance for you to proof your qualities in a profound way. Now that the members in group are less you can portray more of your qualities. Be it leadership, physical and mental strength or confidence HGT is crucial for proving yourself.



The groups are divided into 2 with approximately 5- 6 members in each one of them.

The GTO then explains the rules and procedure to the candidates and might even furnish his instructions with a sample.

Each group, just like in PGT, has to cross the obstacle with the support of certain helping materials.

The scheduled time is that of 15 minutes.

While one group performs the other sits in the waiting area and is then assigned its task.

The level of HGT is similar to the 3rd level of PGT.

HGT is not as long as PGT so yeah that’s a plus point.

Moreover in PGT the candidate has to cross the finishing line 4 times while in HGT it is to be done only once.

The color rule goes the same way as well, that is, structures colored white means both candidate and helping material can touch it;

Structures colored black means only candidates can touch it;

Structures colored red means neither candidate nor any helping material could touch it.


Commence the task with a novel approach, that is, give logical, easy to execute ideas to the group. For that a prior observation and analysis of the obstacles laid before you is necessary although PGT would have already given you an idea so you must be mentally prepared.

If you are unable to give individualistic ideas then at least render your complete support to the group and its approach.

Although it is a leaderless task yet take an upper hand by making most of the suggestions, provide you have valuable suggestions. Don’t utter illogical notions.

Be actively involved in the task

Do show great co- operation and team spirit as the task is all about how you are able to perform well in a group.

In any case do not shout, don’t be aggressive or do not be dominant over your group members.

If any member is stuck then be a helping hand to him like a good team mate.

Be confident.

Maintain a calm behavior.

Do not look at the GTO while performing the task.

Make sure your actions reflect a balanced physical+ mental stamina.

Parallel to it yet not one of it, HGT is a miniature of PGT. Grab it as a gift of golden opportunity, as a 2nd platform to expose your skills. Only those who have a keen eye can weigh the importance of second chance to grace their career with triumph.