8 Golden Tips For Spoken English

8 Golden Tips For Spoken English
09-November 2019 2.00


English speaking has become one of the most important skills these days. An English speaking candidate is mostly preferred among all. The new trends in India include English speaking and public speaking as essential skills for a complete personality.

The culture of English speaking is not new stuff. By the end of the 16th century, English came to India with East India Company with their settlements in Madras, Bombay and Kolkata.

For more than three centuries a constant introduction to this language acquired a significant change in the linguist culture of the country and its people.

We are taught the English language in our educational curriculum. Still, we find ourselves not confident enough during a conversation. Here are a few important tips which will give you reasons and solutions to the problems regarding Spoken English.


Think in English

Sometimes we know how to frame sentences in English but it becomes difficult for us to speak in English during a conversation.

First of all understand the fact that when we speak in our mother tongue it is easy to convey our message but when it comes to the second language we need to think what we want to translate in every sentence. The translation is easy when we have only a few sentences to translate but when it comes to a conversation it is not easy to translate every sentence while speaking. And every time translating sentence takes a few seconds and by the time we translate a few sentences the conversation reaches another level. Other than this, sometimes we fall short of words and start fumbling.

The solution to the problem is very simple. It's the matter of practice that requires few efforts. Every time you think of something try to speak in English. It means that every thought process in your mind should be in English. Plan your day to day routine in English. Try to use English to English dictionary to find the meaning of the words. This practice helps you not to translate and think only in the English language. After following the solutions mentioned above, you will find English speaking becomes easier for you.


Talk to yourself

To improve your language, the best practice would be talking to oneself. By Talking to oneself, we can easily convey our thoughts. Once you start thinking in English you can easily speak your thoughts out loud. Even if you have no thoughts you can read out a paragraph to yourself. Practice as much as possible. It doesn't matter when you don't find somebody to rectify your mistakes but this practice would help you to become comfortable while speaking English.

Use a mirror

When you find some time alone you can take the help of a mirror. Stand in front of a mirror and start speaking you can choose a topic set a timer and start talking.

There are various benefits of this practice or exercise. First, it will raise your confidence second you can see your facial expressions way of speaking and your body language. Initially, you might feel shy but you gradually you will find yourself comfortable speaking in front of the mirror. This will help you to watch your face mouth expression body language.


Use of tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are a sequence of words or sound typically of an alternative kind that are difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly. For example: "six socks sit in a sink soaking in soap suds".

These tongue twisters help you to play word games. It's an entertaining way to rectify your pronunciation this practice will also help you find the right placement for your mouth and tongue.


Listen, Imitate and Repeat

To improve your pronunciation, try watching English movies and TV shows or even YouTube videos. With the help of subscript, you can easily understand the words. Try repeating the words, speed and tone. Imitate the accent and try to imitate the style.

The imitation of the sounds pronounced by the native speakers helps you to understand the accent and expression. Include this practice in your daily routine you will gradually understand how to speak like a native English speaker.


Practice new words everyday

To learn English efficiently make sure to learn a few English words daily. It is very important to have a vocabulary to communicate effectively. While going through newspaper or article or any text try to find a few difficult words. Now find out the meaning of these words along with their different forms and then practice them in sentences this way you will enhance your vocabulary at the same time you will learn the use of the words. It is very important to learn the correct way to use a word in a sentence.


Narrate stories and incidences in English

It is a very good practice to narrate stories and incidences in English. First, choose a story or folklore that you are familiar with. Now start framing sentences in English. This is a fun way to practice English while narrating stories.



Learning a new thing always take some time. So when you start learning the English language, give it some time because you need to learn words grammar expression and accent. To become a fluent speaker, we need to stress on every aspect of language. It is advised to give language sometime and gradually you will start learning.

Happy Learning!!!