All About Computerized Pilot Selection System - CPSS

All About Computerized Pilot Selection System - CPSS
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Computerized Pilot Selection System Test (CPSS) is an updated version of the earlier held PABT test. It is conducted to test the pilot- like abilities of candidates in order to provide them recruitment in flying branch of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard. This is a once in life time opportunity and hence the need to know its details becomes crucial. Bang on to A- Z information of the newly introduced CPSS in this article.

CPSS was inaugurated at the No. 2 Air Force Selection Board, Mysore. The root of CPSS goes back to the time of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as he was the initiator of this test while working as the scientific advisor for the Prime Minister of India in 1997. The aim behind introducing CPSS is to assess a candidate’s skills to work as a pilot in context to the advanced IAF aircrafts. The various parameters assessed through this test include: candidate’s reflective capabilities as per external stimuli; his locomotive and sensory skills; and his eye- ear- hand- feet co- ordination. CPSS is a scientific module which perfectly tests one’s ability to handle the new, fifth- generation fighter aircrafts that transfers manual workload on the shoulders of pilots. Hence, applicants must meet high standards to work brilliantly as pilots.

Furthermore, CPSS test was developed by joint efforts of Defence Institute of Psychological Research and Air Defence Establishment.

Like PABT, CPSS test could be taken by the students only once wherein they could either win it or loose it. Below is the process of CPSS:

CPSS is designed in such a manner so as exclusively examine the psychomotor skills and cognitive abilities of the candidates. It is held in 2 parts, the first one is a written test while the next one is machine based.

Test 1 has MCQ pattern of questions. First the candidates are given instruction about 6 types of dials in an aircraft, based on which objective questions (under the test ‘meter reading’ test) are put up. It is held online and questions are related to meter reading, plane position, verbal reasoning, non- verbal reasoning, mathematics and some open figure problems.


Test 2 is quite unique and interesting in nature as the applicants are made to sit in a cockpit and take certain tasks which are more like games played through the help of pedals and joystick. What happens here is that once you sit comfortably in the cockpit you will see a screen in front of you and you will be provided with pedal, joystick and a headphone. Before each task there will be an introduction. For each game, 4 trials shall be allowed and the best amongst those 4 will be counted. Hand- leg coordination is important for this round. Being a youth of 2020 one can easily crack this part as it runs parallel to video games and injects fun in performance.

I hope the above explanation is helpful in understanding the what- why- how of CPSS test. If you want to feel the air above and drive high as a pilot then brace yourself for CPSS test and try your best to clear it. Good luck!