MNS 2020 AIR-181 Success Story - Swati Srivastava

MNS 2020 AIR-181 Success Story - Swati Srivastava
23-December 2020 2.00

Success Story of Swati Srivastava

“Great things never come from comfort zones”. To be successful, one must use each day as an opportunity to improve, get better and get one step closer to achieving your goals. It might sound like a lot of hard work- but not next to impossible which encompasses clearly the journey or road to success for Swati Srivastava, student of AIR- 181 ( MNS Batch ). Let’s have a look below at her wonderful and remarkable feat following her success at selection-


Success at Achieving AIR- 181 in MNS Batch

Well what can one want more in life than achieving what you desire the most, being fulfilled in front of your eyes and being the child of a proud parent, well the amount of happiness ushered at that moment was undenyingly short to express and that happiness was hard to process with all the surge of emotions being felt at that moment when I got the confirmation that I was among some of the worthy candidates at their successful selection.

I hail from Lucknow and always had the dream to achieve and do something big in life for myself and my family. It was the dream of my Mother and Father to see me work for the nation, to see me being a Defence Officerand this motivated me, ignited my passions, to feel the surge and become a Defence Officer.

My journey throughout has been a culmination of both ups and downs as no success is complete without failures and that failures are the stepping stones of success. I gave my written exams and steered through but could not qualify with my Interviews in 2018 and was rejected but this did not demotivated me rather it made me want to accomplish more and reach higher and ignited my hunger for success and this gave me the power to achieve my dream long goal.

This success is definitely not complete without my mention of the persistent and dedicated efforts of Centurion Defence Academy as the rigorous training and personal guidance along with regular and sustained sessions, recorded trainings and modules, counseling, spoken classes, study material, English and hindinotes, etc given by the esteemed and renowned panel of experts monitored my growth and abilities and the regular mock tests and sessions I took part with all my frequent attempts gave me an insight and understanding at what and how can I extract the most and benefit with ease. I completed the course 3-4 times and this definitely made me feel at the Academy as a senior and I felt responsible to have all my questions ready beforehand so that I would never be dumbstruck before my juniors and also at my classes and lectures, the teachers also gave me the chance or say made a point to ask questions to me only which again motivated the zeal in me to be prepared and ready at all times which I think was the defining strategy that made me one step ahead and ready for my preparations.

I actively took part in various extra curriculars and made it a point to make myself extrovert so that I could maintain a proper balance between my studies, my interests and hobbies and always volunteered for public speaking so as to gain confidence which I lacked during my personal interview earlier when I was disqualified so as to enhance my vocabulary and build confidence within me.

The balanced coaching and guidance that I was fostered at Centurion has proved fruitful in achieving and ensuring my mission as all my expectations, and objectives were met in the mostdiligent and viable manner which made me reach and fulfill my objective. The Academy’s Guidance and Engagement Strategy at individual level based on every student’s I.Q is commendable as each and every student is different, having their own strengths and weaknesses and the way I was motivated and guided at each and every step with such diligence and patience by the entire team of teachers and panelists at every step really paved my way for success as after the series of my unsuccessful downfalls I was really distraught and had no clue as to where I was lacking or I went wrong and my motivation level just dropped off but I was at every step guided and motivated here and individually counseled with keeping in mind my strengths and weaknesses be it how to clear up with my written, how to prepare for my interviews, how to prepare for the group tasks, etc, which definitely gave me positive results and thus made me conquer my failures and negativities.

Post this when I appeared for my writtens and qualified the same, it gave me the confidence and I was motivated with full zeal to appear for my Interview and this time I was all the more confident and calm with a composed attitude as this time I was already prepared and knew my weak points which made me control my nervous bouts and panic attacks and I went in, answered each of the questions with ease and clarity and came out hoping I had answered everything the way it should have been and that I would not have repeated the same mistake I had done before. Amid all the emotional stress and panic that I as well as my parents were under the grip at that particular moment was really very tense but as soon as I got a confirmation call and saw my call letter in my hands, my happiness knew no bounds as I had finally managed to achieve my dream and was really elated at my success and I saw the happiness of my parents and their happiness was unmeasured and I felt as the most luckiest and the most blessed child of my proud parents.



I heartily thank Team Centurion and specially Founder Director Centurion Education Pvt. Ltd. Sir Shishir Dixit for all  their services and persistent efforts making my success all the more worthy because the discipline, resilience, hardwork made me overcome my hurdles and focused me to achieve my mission.