Most Uncommon Questions Asked in SSB Interview

Most Uncommon Questions Asked in SSB Interview
09-February 2021 2.00

SSB interviews are conducted to look over the candidate personality, psychology and the ability to work under pressure. The whole process is conducted to check the response of the candidate at various levels. At the time of interview candidates will be asked out of the box questions, to check the candidate psychology and observation power.  Interviewing Officer trained to assess the candidate personality from the answers they give to the questions asked.

Here, We Are providing you 9 most uncommon questions asked in SSB Interview. Here are 9 most uncommon question asked in SSB interview.


Question 1: Tell me the three uses of Eyeglasses except vision correction?

Answer:  First, Eyeglasses protect your eyes from extreme cold, sun and dust.

Second, Eyeglasses can be used to start a fire in extreme environmental threats.

Eyeglasses can also be used as a cutting and digging tool.


Question 2.What will you do if I run away with your sister?

Answer: When this kind of question asked, assure you do not get emotional because they are checking your decision making ability. Give your answer in logical way “sir I would arrange a meeting between both the families and settle down both with a grand marriage”.


Question 3. Why should I select you?

Answer: Sir I know I have many Officer Like Qualities (OLQ's). I have a personality of achieving and headed the team of cricket in school. I won many cricket tournaments for my school and college and will be pleased to do the same for my country.


Question 4:Tell me the five uses of pen?


  1. - Use as a pointer during the presentation.
  2. - Can be use to scratch the back.
  3. - Can be use to make hair bun.
  4. - Play game of Pen spinning.
  5. - Can make the pen as a bookmarker.


Question 5:What is the color of the wall behind you?

Answer:Before moving in the interview room candidate should be very attentive. To give the answer presence of mind is required as color of the wall would be same in all sides.


Question 6: Do you have any Girlfriend /Boyfriend?

Answer: This type of question would ask to analyze the degree of concentration and dedication the candidate has for their goal. The answer should be I have many girls as friends but no Girlfriend. I am a goal-oriented person & I don’t want to waste my time on such things because the relationship distracts a person’s attention from his career.


Question 7.Are you close to your mother or father? And why?

Answer :Sir, I am so lucky person to have such a great parent. They both support me in my decisions. I am very close to both of them. As my mother is a housewife and my father generally stay out of home so I interact more with my mother. 


Question 8. Can you see the painting of that aircraft; tell me which aircraft is that?

Answer: To answer this type of question, candidate must have the knowledge of aircraft and how to identify them. 


Question 9. Will you come back to the SSB interview, if you fail this time?

Answer: This time you have to calm and passionately reply in a positive attitude. Sir, I have come here for the reason so I cannot quit and will definitely come back.



While giving the answer to the interviewer, always sounds logical with stress handling ability and give reason to your answer. Always try to be reasonable with your answer and practical in your access.


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