Fluency in Language

Fluency in Language
27-October 2017 2.00

How to gain fluency ?

Dear Students, all of us wish to gain fluency in our spoken language. Well first of all we should understand its meaning. Then it will be easier for us to gain it.

Illusion : many of us think that fluency means to speak in fast manner.

Reality: Fluency means to speak without unnecessary pauses. Necessary pauses are required. If there is no pause,

1. The speaker will behave like a machine.

2. The speaker will not be able to speak for a long time. He will have finish soon as he will get confused to get content to speak on.

3. The speaker will have a lot of puffing. Due to it he will have unwanted sounds like Haan Haan. This makes the impression down.

4. If the speaker is not comfortable with language, he looses confidence to use that language.

Proper Rate of speech: the rate of speech should be normal. Neither it should be fast nor slow. One should be comfortable with language. Language is only the tool to convey the content. One should take care of the ending of the sentence. Once the sentence is over, a pause should be taken. By taking pause you have two benefits.

A) you get time to think the next.

B) you get relaxed so there is no extra puffing.

C) The energy level is also maintained while speaking. 

It is important to understand and analyse fluency in our language.