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Ever wondered how a simple candidate becomes an officer in Indian Armed forces. It’s not training or some kind of course which one can pursue. It’s a long term practice to cultivate these qualities. In order to cultivate Officer Like Qualities you must know what these qualities are.There are various qualities to be an officer but out of them 15 are most important that Service Selection Board examines during your interview.


These set of qualities are related to our mind set. The kind of judgment or perception you have, you’re reasoning and organising skills and potential to interpret are basic requirement under this heading. The kind of thought process, our approach towards a problem, method or way we deal with that problem.

Effective Intelligence:

When we plan or organize something the first thing is we need to understand the situation. So during your interview your effective intelligence is examined by your presence of mind in factual situations with different levels of intricacy. Where as basic intelligence is the ability to identify connections or do abstract thinking. Effective Intelligence requires two major aspects:

Practical Intelligence is identified by how you deal with practical situations with your autonomous ideas/solutions.

Resourcefulness: it is how you solve a problem by maximizing the use of resources and coming up with some improvisation for the solution.

Reasoning Ability: During your interview your attentiveness plays an important role. The instructions and information provided is very useful. Unless you are attentive you won’t be able to understand. The ability to catch/grasp the facts and information properly, open to new ideas, interrogative attitude, highlights major aspects of a fact and finally using a realistic approach to reach a conclusion to different level of intricacy. Realistic and practical approach towards any problem is usually encouraged. There is no scope of emotional influence.

Organizing Ability: Planning is just not enough; the resources should be adequately organized in order to give a proper and desired result. It is all about how proficiently you use and organize the resource provided in limited time to reach effective results.

Power of expression: After planning and organising the details you have got, the only thing left is Power of expression. We communicate through a medium called language which is very essential to express ourselves. This is also called verbal communication. Your speech, tone, articulation and pronunciation play an important role. Along with it your confidence, attitude, vocabulary and most important information you have brings out your personality.