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Social Adjustments (Related to our Heart)

These set of qualities are more concerned with our heart. Its our natural habits and how we feel towards different aspects of life, our behavior and responsibilities toward society and community, feeling of co-operation and sense of responsibility.

1. Social Adaptability

The adaptability in which a person or soldier adapts himself is Social Adjustment. It includes social adaptability, cooperation and sense of responsibility which is related to our relationship with society that we establish and achieve. These skills depend on our approach of necessity and standard of the culture of community or society and trending element.

2. Co-operation

Co-operation depends on utilizing one’s skills to participate and perform in a group or community voluntarily in order to accomplish an objective. It is all about how beautifully an individual performs in a group with other members maintaining harmony. It actually refers to the collective effort, being effectively beneficial for group and team effort. At the same time team spirit plays an important role while working with a group or team.

3. Sense of responsibility

Working with a team brings a great responsibility. At the same time carrying out responsibility helps an individual to cultivate an important personality trait that is being reliable and actively executing liabilities. Sense of responsibility comprises of one’s comprehension to the worth of commitments and liabilities, social measure and paying attention with full potential.