Top 5 NDA Online Coaching in India

Top 5 NDA Online Coaching in India
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Top 5 NDA Online Coaching in India - Defence Guru


The NDA (National Defence Academy) exam is a competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) of India. The exam is conducted twice a year, and it is the gateway for young aspirants to join the Indian Armed Forces, including the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. NDA Exam is the best opportunity for defence aspirants who want to serve in the Armed Forces as an officer. Both Male and Female 12th passed/appearing candidates between the ages of 16.5 to 19.5 years, can apply for the NDA Exam.


The NDA exam consists of a written exam and an SSB interview. The written test includes papers on Mathematics and General Ability Test. The Mathematics paper contains questions from algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and statistics, while the General Ability Test paper comprises questions from English, General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, and Current Events.


Selection Rate in the NDA Exam


Cracking the NDA exam is considered a prestigious achievement, and it opens doors to a rewarding career in the Indian Armed Forces. But the NDA Exam is not everyone’s cup of tea. The selection Rate for the NDA Exam is as low as 0.5%-1% making it one of the toughest exams in the world.


Selection Rate in National Defence Academy  Exam in Various Years


Selection Rate










Top Five NDA Coachings in India


As you can see in the above table, the selection rate in the NDA exam barely touches the 1% mark. That's why you need perfect guidance for your upcoming NDA Exam. We have prepared a list of the top five NDA Coachings in India after extensive research. We hope that this list will surely help you in your endeavour to crack the NDA Exam.


1. Centurion Defence Academy


Centurion Defence Academy requires no introduction when it comes to NDA preparation because Centurion Defence Academy is the only coaching institute in India which has given the highest selections in the NDA Exam. In the latest NDA 149 Course, Centurion Defence Academy has given a total of 18 final selections.


Let us look at why Centurion Defence Academy is India’s Top NDA Coaching


  • Highest Selections in the NDA Exam


The highest Selection Rate in the NDA Exam is the main reason why we have ranked Centurion Defence Academy as the top NDA Coaching in India. In the latest NDA 149 Course, Centurion Defence Academy has given a total of 18 selections which is the highest selection in NDA given by any coaching in India.


  • Highly Experienced Faculties


Faculties at Centurion Defence Academy have an experience of at least 12-15 years. Faculties at Centurion Defence Academy are famous for their innovative approach to teaching. They make complex concepts easy to understand for students.


  • Best Study Material for NDA Exam


Centurion Defence Academy provides the best study material to its students. This study material includes books, short notes, and other important material. This study material has been prepared by the highly experienced R&D Team of Centurion Defence Academy after extensive research.


  • Regular Mock Tests and Expert Feedback


Centurion Defence Academy regularly conducts mock tests on Fridays so that your preparation can be evaluated from time to time. Centurion Defence Academy provides feedback also to its students after every test.


  • Best Guidance for SSB


As you must be aware that without qualifying for SSB, you can not qualify for the NDA Exam. Centurion Defence Academy understands and provides its students the best guidance for SSB. Centurion Defence Academy’s GTO ground is spread over 5 acres and there are 165+ GTO Obstacles in the GTO ground. Centurion Defence Academy provides SSB training under the best mentors who have actually served on the various selection boards.


2. Cavalier India


Cavalier India is the second-best NDA Coaching in India. Cavalier India has been providing coaching for NDA for a long time. They have good expertise in this exam and successfully guided many students towards success in the NDA Exam. Cavalier India has the proper infrastructure for SSB Training. Cavalier India’s Faculties have great experience in teaching students for the NDA Exam. Cavalier India can be your good choice after Centurion Defence Academy.


3. Doon Defence Academy


Doon Defence Academy is based in Dehradun and is another excellent defence coaching for the NDA Exam. Doon Defence Academy is one of the very few coaching institutes in India that provides specialized guidance for the NDA Exam. Doon Defence Academy has years of experience and expertise in the NDA Exam. Doon Defence Academy’s innovative approach for the NDA Exam has benefited a lot of students. They provide guidance for SSB alone and have dedicated infrastructure and platforms required for imparting SSB Training.


4. SSB Sure Shot Academy


SSB Sure Shot Academy is based in Bangalore and is known primarily for its SSB training. But they have successfully guided so many students for the NDA Exam. SSB Sure Shot Academy is a relatively newer NDA coaching in India as compared to the above coachings but SSB Sure Shot Academy has a highly experienced team to teach its students. SSB Sure Shot Academy has excellent infrastructure for SSB preparation and its trainers are also highly experienced.


5. Baalnoi Defence Academy


Baalnoi Academy is a well-known coaching Institute for NDA preparation. Baalnoi Academy has been providing coaching for many years and has also given many selections in NDA. The faculties of Baalnoi Academy are highly experienced and known for their teaching skills. SSB guidance of Baalnoi Academy is very effective and their mentors are retired officers of the Indian Army. Baalnoi Academy provides qualitative guidance for NDA and SSB.


Choosing coaching for yourself from the above coaching is a very difficult task. As we have already explained the qualities of all the coaching to help you to choose coaching for your NDA Exam preparation. As final selection in the NDA Exam is a dream of every NDA Aspirant, that’s why we recommend the only coaching with the highest selection rate i.e. Centurion Defence Academy.

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