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Top 3 SSB Coaching in Lucknow - Defence Guru
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SSB Interview is considered to be one of the toughest selection processes in the world with a recommendation rate as low as 1-2%. Despite clearing the written exams like NDA, CDS, and AFCAT na high cut off of direct entries like TES, SSC-Tech, and TGC, candidates do not get recommendation in the SSB Interview. The biggest reason behind this is the dynamic nature of the SSB Interview and its complex selection process. There are many tests in SSB Interview such as PP&DT, Psychology Tests, and GTO Tests which require special mentorship and proper practice. Without proper mentorship and practice, it is really difficult to perform well in these tests. So to perform well in these tests and get a recommendation in the SSB Interview, candidates need guidance from good coaching for proper mentorship and training. In this article, we will share the top 3 SSB coaching in Lucknow. These coaching have been engaged in the field of SSB Interview mentorship and guidance for long a period of time which is why they have been the choice of SSB Aspirants.


Is Coaching Required for SSB Interview Preparation?


As we have already explained that SSB Interview is one of the toughest selection processes in the world and it is highly complex and dynamic in nature. So, it will be beneficial for candidates to take some reputed coaching for SSB Interview preparation.


Guidance for SSB Interview


As we have already explained the SSB Interview is a dynamic and very complex selection process so it will be very difficult for candidates to prepare for the SSB interview on their own. Many candidates find coaching beneficial because it provides structured guidance and insights into the SSB interview process. Good coaching institutes offer experienced trainers who can provide personalized feedback and help candidates understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Mock Interviews


Personal Interview is one of the toughest stages in the SSB interview. It is very hard to prepare for the personal interview of SSB Interview because it is a test of personality, not knowledge. Coaching often includes mock interview sessions, which can be valuable for candidates to practice and receive constructive feedback. Mock interviews can help in improving communication skills and performance under pressure.


Group Discussions


SSB Interview is aimed at evaluating candidates’ coordination and cooperation in a group. So, it is very important to be a part of group activity which is rarely available in self-study. SSB coaching can also offer group discussion sessions, which simulate the group tasks conducted during the SSB interview. These sessions help candidates improve their coordination and cooperation in group and problem-solving skills.


Psychological Tests


Psychology tests which are conducted on the second day of the SSB interview, are also very tough for many candidates. Coaching can prepare you for psychological tests, including the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), and Situation Reaction Test (SRT). Trainers can help you understand how to approach these tests effectively.


Top 3 SSB Coaching in Lucknow


1. Centurion Defence Academy


Centurion Defence Academy is counted among the best SSB coaching in India. Centurion Defence Academy has created a record by giving the highest selections in the SSB Interview. Over the years, the graph of recommendation rates from Centurion Defence Academy is only going up. Centurion Defence Academy has a highly experienced and expert team of ex-GTO Officers and ex-Interviewing Officer who have been part of the selection process of SSB Interview across boards of the Army, Airforce and Navy. Centurion Defence Academy has India’s largest GTO Ground which is spread over 5 acres and has 165+ obstacles. On this GTO Ground, Highly experienced GTO officers train students for GTO tests. The guidance for Psychology Tests such TAT, WAT, SRT, and SD provided by Centurion Defence under its Chief SSB Mentor Sir Shishir Dixit is excellent. Centurion Defence Academy offers the best mock interview program for the SSB interview. This mock interview program has helped thousands of aspirants to scale SSB interview in the first attempt only. Due to its consistent and outstanding performance in the SSB interview by its students, Centurion Defence Academy has become the best SSB coaching not just in Lucknow but in India.


2. Shield Defence Academy


Shield Defence Academy is another top SSB coaching in Lucknow with good rate of recommendation in the SSB Interview. Shield Defence Coaching has an excellent team mentors who have guided students to get recommendations in the SSB Interview. Shield Defence Academy has good infrastructure for GTO. Its GTO Ground has all the obstacles required for practicing GTO tasks. Shield Defence Academy offers excellent guidance for psychology and personal interview. The mentors at the Shield Defence Academy ensure the holistic development of candidates by focusing on the personality of the candidates. With its innovative mentoring methods and excellent guidance, Shield Defence is now counted among the best SSB coaching in Lucknow for SSB Interview preparation.


3. Cavalier India


SSB Interview program of Cavalier India is also one of the best in Lucknow. Due to its good number of selections in the SSB Interview, Cavalier India has been on the top SSB Coaching in Lucknow. The biggest reason behind this achievement has been the efforts of its mentors who are retired officers of the Indian Armed Forces. Cavalier India has good quality of infrastructure for the practice of GTO tests. Their guidance for the psychology tests has proved to be fruitful for so many candidates. Cavalier India offers excellent guidance for the personal interview which is of the toughest part of the SSB Interview. All these features of Cavalier India make it a top SSB coaching in Lucknow.




Question- What is the duration of the SSB Interview?


Answer- The duration of the SSB Interview is five days, starting with the screening on the first day and ending with the conference interview on the fifth day. If you are recommended on the fifth day, you will undergo medical tests which might take 3-5 more days.


Question- What happens after getting screened in the SSB Interview?


Answer- After getting screened in the SSB (Services Selection Board) interview, Candidates have to go through further tests such as psychology tests, GTO tests, and personal interview.


Question- What are the Obstacles in the GTO Test in SSB Interview?


Answer- There are various types of obstacles in GTO tests such as Burma Bridge, Turzon Jump, Double Ditch, Wall Jump, etc. These obstacles are part of individual obstacles.


Question- Which is the best academy for the SSB Interview preparation?


Answer- If we consider the recommendation rate, mentorship, and GTO infrastructure, Centurion Defence Academy can be considered the best SSB coaching in India for SSB Interview preparation.


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