12-January 2018 2.00

Body language in Interviews !
Dear Students, 
Apart from the language we use in communication, there is a language of our body too. Our body
also conveys a message. Our body language plays  an important role in SSB Interview. Our body language should put positive influence on interviewer. The language of our body includes the indications we have while
communicating with someone. It is important to know how it matters when we are in formal
communication. Although it depends on the particular situation. As per the scenario it varies. In this
article, I am going to take a case of interviews from entry point to final point.
1) when a student enters from the gate he repeats the habit of childhood I.e. taking his right hand
forward and asking "May I come in?" It's quite hilarious that the habit developed in our childhood still
continues with us. Well, now we are grown up so it should be left. Putting hand forward does not
convey and meaning also so why to use it. The verbal communication is required than symbolic
communication in formal entries.
2) Specially in the case of interviews of officers, there is distance from the gate and interviewer's
table. So if you need to go towards the table, you should have energy in your paces. If you put steps
with dullness, it shows you are dull. One should have energetic entry. While coming towards the
table you should look straight with sharp eyes and your heart should have a breath of confidence.
3) Coming near the table of the interviewer, one should have an eye contact only with the
interviewer, one should not look here and there. He should not seem that he is distracted or looking
for something. Although there may some catchy things available in his surroundings but the
candidate should concentrate only at the interviewer. Coming near his table, the candidate should
wish him with a smile on face and should keep looking towards him. He should wait for his further
4). Some candidates start looking at the available chair for him. Even some them just sit on that
while talking to the interviewer. It comes under bad manners. The interviewer might take your
complete interview in the same position too. Being a young candidate, you are also not supposed to
look for place to sit here and there.
5). Be ready for shaking hand too with the interviewer if he offers to do so. You should not offer it
forcefully from your side as you are there for facing interview not for taking interview. One should
shake hand firmly with the interviewer without any type of hesitation.
6). When the interviewer asks you to take seat, you should not drag the chair. Try to sit in the
existing position of the chair. Adjust yourself mildly as per the position of chair rather than adjusting
the chair as per you and making a noise.
7). Put your both the hands on your thighs and have a proper take on the chair. One must sit
straight. Taking back does not mean that you start relaxing on the chair. It is important to have an
adjustment as per the back of the chair else you may get an backbone ache. Your interview might
last for a long time.
8). The candidate should not shake legs while facing the interview. It shows your nervousness.
Playing with nails, hair, hands make a bad impression. Although one does not do it intentionally but it
happens due to bad practices in childhood.
9). Avoid descriptions with your hand movements. It is often seen that some candidates start moving
their hands while they explain their address. Their intention is to show the far or near position of that
thing so they start showing it. The entire discussion can be well defined with your verbal
communication too.
10). At the end of the interview, shake hand with the interviewer if he offers and say thanks to him for
taking your interview. One must go the same paces as he entered the room in the beginning.
Follow these tips, I am quite sure that you will difference in your approach of facing the interviews.