10 Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing For A Scholarship Exam

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing For A Scholarship Exam
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Scholarship and benefit: the two goes parallel.

Not a single human in this world would deny a scholarship. It is a reward of your talent and capabilities. But of course nothing functions without putting hard work and so is the case of scholarship programs. Only when intelligence is sandwiched together with the right amount of effort does it results in positive outcome.

Today I endeavor to explain you the right approach to prepare for a scholarship program by avoiding these 10 mistakes.

But before moving ahead let me throw light on the specific scholarship plan I am referring to. The name is SRNTH- Shishir Rameshwar National Talent Hunt scholarship plan (2019-20) exclusively designed for Indian Defence dreamers. This scheme aims to provide financial support to those students who are capable enough to join Indian Armed Forces but due to monetary issues keep their dream aside. To ease out their dreams Centurion Education Pvt. Ltd. along with Defence Guru has initiated SRNTH. It is a great opportunity to test your capabilities; showcase your talent; earn 100% scholarship+ tuition waiver and an entry into the leading Defence academy, Centurion. The exam is scheduled on 22nd December so quickly register. To know more about SRNTH and to register, log in to www.defenceguru.co.in or www.centuriondefenceacademy.com.

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Coming back to the correct preparation for scholarship programs like SRNTH, here is the list of mistakes to be avoided:

  1. 1. Incomplete knowledge of syllabus: It’s often taken for granted that the syllabus is known and common as other competitive exams but it’s the minute differences in syllabus of each exam that affects the result. For instance, SRNTH has different syllabus for class 10th, 11th, 12th, and graduation. Of course the subjects are common but the topics and level differs. Hence do note the syllabus very well before beginning your preparation. 
  2. 2. Wrong study material: Candidates need proper guidance when it comes to books and reference material. There are some common books available in the market covering all competitive exams and students mostly rely on the same for scholarship purpose also. The truth is that these books are not applicable for each and every exam due to difference in level and curriculum. More so not every student can understand their content. Keeping all these issues in mind SRNTH provides its own study material along with sample papers on its official website.
  3. 3. Inappropriate use of mock tests: Mock tests are essential to trace your preparation level. While some applicants rests completely on mock tests and previous year papers without any self preparation, others hardly take any mock test. There has to be a balance between study and mock tests. SRNTH provides online test series and sample papers on its official website, check it out for your benefit.
  4. 4. No proper time- table: A big blunder committed by students is not setting a fixed time table. It indulges them into laziness and postponing studies. When there is a schedule in front, you know how and when to proceed but without a time- table there are no fixed study hours and there are chances it will delay your preparation.
  5. 5. No structuring of study plan: It has been observed that students check the syllabus and start preparing all topics in a series. Big mistake! That is not how you begin. You need to analyze the topics from the perspective of your strength and weaknesses. The topics in which you require most devotion and time should be taken up first while the ones on which you already have a good command can be studied later.
  6. 6. Doubts clarification: This is one of the common weak points of applicants while preparing for scholarship exam. They hesitate to clear their doubts. Ask your teachers, friends, family member or refer a good educational site but don’t proceed further without clearing your doubts. Only a good foundation can help you in future construction. Similarly subjects like Mathematics, Science or even English grammar demands clarification of concepts. SRNTH or to say Centurion Defence Academy has its own video channel as well as blog wherein all the doubts are clarified by our experts. Do avail benefits from them.
  7. 7. Last minute study: Hazardous, hazardous, hazardous! Never ever opt for one- night before exam preparation. Not only is the syllabus vast enough to be completed at last moment but also it strains your mind. Studying during last moment puts a burden on your mind and also disturbs your sleep and balance. As a result you are not fresh in the morning and there are chances that things get mixed up in your mind letting you write wrong answers. So better study beforehand than loosing a good scholarship opportunity.
  8. 8. Over confidence: How many times have we heard over confidence leads to doom. That certainly is true. No matter how much you are proficient in the subjects, no matter how much you have practiced, always remember there is a competitor in front of you and you have no idea of how much knowledge he has. Neither underestimate him nor overestimate yourself and you are all set to approach righteously.
  9. 9. Marking scheme: Just as noting the syllabus is a pre- requisite, knowing, understanding and analyzing the marking scheme is also crucial. Often there is a provision of negative marking in exams so you must have knowledge about it. Apart from negative marking, the score per question, number of questions and total marks must also be clear to the applicants. Talking about SRNTH, the total marks are 400 while there are 100 questions. Hence 4 marks per question that too without any negative marking.
  10. 10. Over- learning: Anything on extreme is bad. Similarly excessive preparation will create confusion and turmoil in your mind letting you mix up things during exam. Most importantly never cram things rather understand them and grasp the concept. In few subjects like G.K and English form codes, short tricks or other strategies.

If you are serious to win this scholarship take care of the above points. SRNTH is a golden opportunity and you will be at loss if you neglect it so the wise option is to click on the official website and get started with the registration.

All the best!