Finest Study Plan For MNS Entrance Exam 2021

Finest Study Plan For MNS Entrance Exam 2021
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Study Plan For MNS Entrance Exam

“Save one life you are a hero, save 100 lives you are a nurse.”

True by each word the above quote signifies the nobility of nursing profession. While Indian Army, Air Force and Navy are considered to have warriors who protect India with full effort, little attention is paid to the nurses who devote their days and nights to care for these warriors.

Nursing is a profession done solely with heart and Indian Army has its own department of nurses known as Military Nursing Service (MNS). Just like other branches of Indian Armed Forces, MNS has its study and training course + employment.

All the female candidates who have passed intermediate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with minimum 50% marks are eligible to apply for this exam.

They are admitted to 4 year B.Sc Nursing course at Nursing Colleges of Armed Forces Hospitals following which they will be granted permanent/ short service commission in the Military Nursing Service (MNS).

Just like any and every competitive exam MNS involves a written test. The test is of 90 minutes. The subjects herein are: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and General Intelligence. The total marks designed for this test are 100.

Based upon the merit list the candidates are called for an interview followed by a medical examination.

Many students face difficulty in preparing systematically for MNS written exam. To make the task easy for such candidates I am going to chart out a perfect study plan below and you better take notes of it for winning this exam:

Check the syllabus:  The written exam of MNS has a wide range of subjects such as: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Intelligence and English. Before commencing with your preparation know the detailed curriculum of each topic.

Analyze your capability: Once you are clear with the topics, analyze your strength and weakness. There will be certain subjects and topics on which you have a higher hand so you better try them later. First take up the difficult topics and study it well enough.

Division and pattern: Today’s era requires smart work not just hard work. Make a good strategy as per the pattern of the exam. You will get 90 minutes to attempt all 4 subjects.  Divide it equally: 50 questions for Physics- Chemistry- Biology; 50 for General Intelligence and the rest 50 for English. Similarly assign 30 minutes to each topic: 30 minutes for PCB, 30 minutes for English and 30 minutes for General intelligence.

Individual subjects: To study Science, namely PCB get thorough with your intermediate books as they are the best source of information for you. Apart from the school books you can gain benefit from the personalized collection of Physics, Chemistry, Biology of Centurion Defence Academy. The books are available on Amazon and its official website in PDF format and can also be purchased online.

These books are drafted after an in- depth research done by the experts of Centurion Academy and the books are unlike common market study material as it includes the most latest, reasonable, important and predictable notes as well as questions. The language is easily understandable and quick to grasp.

Apart from Science, the next subject, that is, English does not require any hard strategy. It is easy to score. Just improve your vocabulary, work upon the basics such as antonym, synonym, one- word and phrases. Most importantly get habitual of reading and speaking in English. It will automatically bring a change. Newspapers are the best source.

General Intelligence, well as the name suggests it checks your general mental capacity. But of course you need to polish it and practice is the major tool for that. Get good reasoning books, clear the basics, solve different questions daily, and make your own notes.

Mock tests: The best way to keep a check on your progress and downfall is to take tests. Practice last year question papers, take mock tests often so that you know where you are lagging behind. Centurion Academy has a provision of online test series and mock tests available on its official site. You can take help from it.

Consistency: Without a regular approach no fruitful result can come your way. So study daily without gaps and break if you are serious for your career.

Time table: Draft a good study schedule such that it gives sufficient time to each subject as well as gives you time to relax. A time table saves you from being lazy and delaying study. Stick it in your room. If needed set alarm, set reminders.

Hard work always pays! Co- join it with smart work and you will pass with flying colors. Good luck dear girls.


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