Effective techniques to master Narration in PPDT

Effective techniques to master Narration in PPDT
31-October 2020 2.00

Effective Techniques to Master Narration in PPDT


Well narration forms a key factor in your SSB Screening Test. After the PPDT takes place wherein the candidates have to write and frame up a story based on the stimulus shown to them. Once the story is written and framed, all the group members are advised to sit in a semi circle fashion wherein each candidate is asked to narrate his or her story within a timestamp of a minute. The narration is a means to basically assess the psychology and personality of the individual that once you perceive a stimulus how well do you react and make the best out of that situation thereby reflecting your personality by your opinions. A successful narration is only when you are able to narrate or present your thoughts in such a manner that whatever content you bring to the table or whatever thought you weave with whatever the choice of words, either being fancy or with the simplest of the utterances it should be such that is easily and lucidly understood by everyone. Being rhythmical with appropriate grammar usage and using exceptional words is of no use if it is difficult to grasp whatever you speak.

Often public speaking is a tough task to master often giving chills and making people nervous but certain tips given below will prove to be useful for helping you improve your speaking skills in the Narration and thus letting you perform better with a greater confidence.


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Tips to Improve Your Narration


1. Eliminate nervousness and try to be confident, patient and calm and turn the negative energy into the positive one by avoiding to waste time and self practicing the story beforehand because doing so will increase your self confidence and control your nerve jitters.


2. Remember and rehearse your story well  because your narration will definitely revolve around your story therefore try rehearsing beforehand by self practicing out loud but don’t try memorizing the story word by word, instead summarize them pointer wise as if you are simply conversing and explaining any point of yours that way you can easily remember your story and stick to the point without wandering and forgetting.


3. Simplicity is the key to Narration. Remember your aim should be to deliver quality and not quantity so instead of using very fashionable and fancy words try using simple words to deliver a powerful and influential narration.


4. Try having a connect and always focus on the audience or spectators because as a narrator it is very important to engage your audience and make them understand and agree to your thought process. They should be able to understand whatever you are speaking. Try making eye contact as this will fetch other people’s attention and they will develop in turn an interest in listening to you. Be loud and clear so that you are audible and understood clearly by others.


5. Try showcasing your qualities like Self Confidence, your expression power, the ability to reason, your intelligence, etc. with a smile and act confidently by being tall and broad.


6. Have a check on your body language, posture and gesture as unnecessary body movements shows lack of interest and nervousness .


7. Keep a hold of the time and don’t unnecessarily extend your narration rather be crisp and clear to finish your story by delivering the full essence of it.


8. Last but not the least remember to practice and practice a lot either in front of a mirror or by yourself and try maintaining minor details like posture, body language and gestures.


Remember that your narration should be such that your story is remembered by everyone. The assessors are basically looking and finding the quality wherein they are convinced that you as an Officer have the potential and ability to present yourself with confidence and that if you can easily lead people under you or not. Thus just be real and logical analyzing your story reflecting your personality and displaying the best of the OLQ’s to make you a worthy recommendation. All the Best!!!!!!