Basic Questions Asked in SSB Interview

Basic Questions Asked in SSB Interview
04-November 2020 2.00

Questions asked in SSB Interview

The SSB Interviews are well most closely assessed to be of a simple nature yet quite confusing where a number of candidates find it hard to answer the simplest of questions in the appropriate and required manner. The interviewing officer assesses the personality, attitudes of the candidates from the responses the candidates give to the questions asked thus by the different testing methods adopted it is assessed whether or not the candidate is fit enough or a worthy contender for being adjudged as an Officer. You have to be your most natural self and efficiently understand and grasp the questions and respond accordingly because certain questions asked are such that makes the mind boggled and confused making the candidates nervous and dismissing their chances of selection. Below are some of the standardized set of questions recurringly asked by the I.O. in SSB given as below-


Important Tips to keep in mind-

  • - Psychological questions are asked to know about your personality, your attitudes, thinking style, beliefs and values and how much do you know yourself.
  • - You should be confident enough as the questions are related to you so if you don’t know yourself in and out your thoughts can never be clear and you will falter out easily.
  • - Always remember while being assessed on the psychological parameters always back up what you say because if it is not for the fact what you are proposing and just to take advantage and portray to give other reflection of yourself then be sure you will fail so know your strengths, weakness, the plus and minus then can you only succeed in answering the same appropriately.


Some samplers and questions-


Questions about yourself-


  • - Your name and its meaning.
  • - The native place you come from and its significance and speciality.
  • - Details about your job profile- past, present, etc.
  • - Your weaknesses and strengths.
  • - Interests and hobbies.
  • - What is your daily routine?
  • - Any of your memorable or worst experience.
  • - Tell about your siblings and compare them.
  • - Which family member do you like most and why are you close to him or her?
  • - Are you interested in indoor games or outdoor games?
  • - Your relationship with your family members.
  • - Members in your family and their occupation.
  • - Member in your family you do not like, why?
  • - Who are you most closest to in family?
  • - What are the common and uncommon quality of you and your family that you share?


You need to be confident as these questions are related to you and your self which cannot be coached to you so just know yourself in and out clearly.


Questions About Academics-

  • - Your academic performance from your high school to intermediate.
  • - What was the marks and percentage scored by you in these exams?
  • - Why the downfall and irregular pattern of marks scored by you?
  • - The extra-curricular activities and the games/sports you took part in college?
  • - Any best friends and favorite teachers and their qualities.
  • - Your favorite subjects.
  • - Relationship with your friends and teachers.
  • - Which friend/ teacher you did not like and why?
  • - Were you the monitor or head in your college- Give your achievements and failures as the same.


Be confident to answer the above questions by bringing out and focusing on the positives and do not answer in negations and if any negative aspect is being highlighted accept it as your fault or lackness but immediately provide an appropriate reason to counter your weakness and tackle the situation accordingly. Be specific and to the point. Try showcasing your qualities and the areas you excel at.


Questions About Friends/ Girlfriend/ Boyfriends-


  • - Who is your best friend and why do you like him/her?
  • - What type of friends you like?
  • - Tell the simmilarities and dissimilarities of you and your friend
  • - How your friend would describes you?
  • - Tell the qualities you admire/ hate about your friend
  • - Why do you regard him/ her as your friend?
  • - Tell instances where you have helped your friend
  • - Do you have any girlfriend/ boyfriend?
  • -Tell any positive/ negative traits of him/ her?
  • - What are your plans on marriage and family?


The above are certain questions asked in SSB to check the capability, decision making power in an individual where the practical approach, cognitive thinking, reasoning, general knowledge, introspection, etc., in a candidate is assessed with situation based instances so it is all the more imperative to answer honestly and truly without bluffing/ showing off. Showcase best of your qualities/traits and prove your worth because these questions are designed to check whether or not you have it in you- to be enlisted in Indian Armed Forces as an Officer.



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