Result Oriented Learning

Result Oriented Learning
05-November 2017 2.00

Dear Students,

It is often expected from all of us that whatever efforts we are putting up should be result oriented else it becomes preposterous of making such efforts. I have a very important suggestion to all of you, I hope that it will definitely make you understand the actual way of putting efforts in study.

It is a common experience that we remember only those things that we have done practically. Be it a professional life, personal life or in student life. Now the point to observe is this

when we attend a class, we get to learn as per the knowledge and the style of the trainer. We assume things the way he predicts. Probably our perception also goes as per his instructions. Now it should be concluded that merely attending a class is not the perfect learning as this learning has not developed your experience about that topic.

Now the second point to observe is that when we read a book, we read as per the writing style or manner of presentation of a writer. Here also, the knowledge can be gained from it but the real experience of that topic is till missing.

In both above mentioned learning processes, the student’s brain is not properly developed. As per my experience if the learning from a class or a book is brought into writing, it brings perfection of that experience. The experience gained from such practice remains with you forever whereas the experiences gained from without making self notes makes you forget the gained knowledge.

So it is my recommendation to all the students who wish to bring excellence in their studies that they should make their self notes instead of being only dependent on class learning or a book learning. The revision of such notes make recall faster than revising a book or notes prepared at the time of attending lecture.

Hopefully you would like my suggestion and feel it in your learning.

Happy Learning !