Classical and folk dances of India PDF - Download Now

Classical and folk dances of India PDF - Download Now
14-March 2022

List of Classical and Folk Dances of Different States in India

India is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions. Dance is a part of life from ancient times to the most cultured communities. Generally, dance forms in India are classified into two categories namely classical and folk dance. Indian folk and tribal dances are simple and are performed to express joy during the arrival of seasons, the birth of a child, weddings, and festivals. Each form of Folk Dance has a specific costume & rhythm and some costumes are very colourful with extensive jewels and designs. Here is the List of various State Classical and folk dances of India which help in various examinations like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Airforce, MNS and other Exams.
India has many dances, coming from every state in the country, although there are only six forms of the classical dances recognised by India on a national level. They are Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, and Odissi. The folk dances of India are much more than mere body movements, from the very ancient times the classical dance forms of India is considered as a discipline and a way to devote yourself to God through art. Folk art is the common possession of a group of people or a particular locality. The identity of the originators is forgotten, but the style is preserved down the ages. 

Check the list below of Classical dances of different States in India

Classical Dance State
Bharat Natyam Tamilnadu
Kathakali Kerala
Mohini Attam Kerala
Odissi Orissa
Kuchipudi Andhra Pradesh
Manipuri Manipur
Kathak North India mainly U.P.
Sattriya Assam


Check the list below of folk dances of different States in India

Folk Dances State
Jhumar Rajasthan
Garba Gujarat
Giddha Punjab
Bhangra Punjab
Yakshagana Karnataka
Mayurbhanj Chau Orissa
Purulia Chau West Bengal
Tamasha Maharashtra
Lavani Maharashtra
Kalbelia Rajasthan
Bihu Assam
Kachhi Ghodhi Rajasthan
Rouff Jammu and Kashmir
Raut Nach Chhattisgarh
Karakattam Tamil Nadu
Hojagiri Tripura


Download Classical and folk dances of India PDF

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