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Word: Capricious 
Parts of Speech: Adjective

Sentences to guess the meaning
1. It is tough to make a capricious person understand
because once he decides something, he keeps on insisting
on the same. 
2. It is very risky to believe on capricious people. 

Meaning: Fastidious, One who keeps on changing his opinion. 
                Showing sudden changes. 
               à¤¸à¤¨à¤•à¥€,मनमौजी, तुनुक मिज़ाज़ 
Key Word: CAP PRICE 
Memory Link: Hearing the price of cap, my friend got capricious.   
1. There are many ideas in mind of a capricious person that 
is why he keeps on changing his opinion. 
2. The advice of capricious persons can be harmful. 
3. Capricious attitude is not apposite for Armed Forces. 
4. One should stick to his message in order to be confident rather than changing his opinion again and again      and showing capricious behavior. 
5. Observing the behavior of a person, we can justify whether he is a capricious or not. 

Synonyms: capricious, impulsive, whimsical, freakish

Noun: Capriciousness 


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