Tips to Prepare for Lecturette in SSB

Tips to Prepare for Lecturette in SSB
07-October 2019 2.00

Prepare for Lecturette in SSB Interview

Backbone of verbal assessments, the Lecturette round in SSB is a true litmus test of candidate’s personality.

The ancients seldom reiterated ‘words are a reflection of your personality’. The same applies in Lecturette round of GTO as conducted in SSB except with few additions: yes not only words but expression, tone, manners and stance is a mirror of your inside.

Already hinted enough and quite obvious from the name you might have guessed that Lecturette is all about giving lecture to reveal the true you. Herein each candidate is given 4 topics and he has to speak on any 1 of it for 3 minutes. Easy isn’t it?


The logic behind constructing this round rests mostly around one word- ‘personality’. The GTO officer tests your knowledge+ confidence+ speaking skills+ decent behavior+ fluency+ expression, all in order to know your overall personality.

The more knowledge you exhibit about the topic the more impressive it is. Your facts and content tells a lot about your General Awareness.

Self confidence is in the forefront amongst all other dimensions. Whether you are bold or hesitant in front of people, are you able to communicate well to others or not… all this is under close observation of the GTO.

Expressions… a bridge to your heart. The gestures which you hold, your tone and tempo come into deep consideration when taking the Lecturette test.

Lastly your speaking ability which includes clarity, fluency, smoothness and a grab on language+ vocabulary matters much in the Lecturette round of SSB.

All of the above join hands to expose the real self of the candidate!



All applicants are made to sit in a straight line according to their chest numbers.

Each candidate is called one- by- one to collect a card. On the card are jotted down 4 topics. The topics are not out of the box rather general in nature.

Candidate has to make a choice and opt for 1 topic and prepare a speech on it in 3 minutes.

Once the 3 minute comes to an end, the candidate is called in front to submit his card and get started with the speech. He has to first give an introduction of himself followed by a speech on the selected topic for 3 minutes.

While the first candidate is speaking the next candidate comes up, takes his card and start preparing the speech.

The same procedure continues until the last applicant finishes his task.



A little list of tips will simply add wonders to nail this exercise:

Begin with careful selection of the topic. Amongst the 4 topics given opt for an average one, that on which you can render quality content. Check your knowledge graph, facts and points before working on the speech.

Time for execution: As explained in the procedure above, each candidate has to first give a self- introduction. Enlist beforehand what you need to speak. Don’t give your entire biography. Tell your name, place of residence, hobbies, basic parent’s information and your current status (whether employed or pursuing a course and its details).

Now commence with the speech.

Keep time limit in mind. You are given 3 minutes only so try not to exceed it.

Keep hesitance and shyness at your home. Be confident.

Make sure you are audible to others. Be clear, precise and fluent in your speech.

Support your content with proven facts, recent developments and try to summarize its introduction- past- present- future in 3 minutes.

Mind your body language. Do not use much of hand gestures or any other movements.

Talking of language, be careful about your grammar; pause between words and sentences’ and a good vocabulary.

If you are not a habitual English language speaker then switch to Hindi but make sure whatever you say is accurate.


Don’t look at the GTO.

Lastly if the GTO rings the bell do not stop altogether and sit rather conclude your topic in one line and give it a proper finishing touch.

Some beforehand preparation secrets include:

Update your knowledge to the utmost

Read newspaper, magazines, journal daily or get a subscription of good blogs or e- news.

Do a lecturette practice regularly by standing in front of the mirror and speaking for 3 minutes.

Indulge in discussion with parents or friends and explore your horizon of knowledge.



For those who are unaware of this round here is a crisp list of recent lecturette topics in SSB:

World peace

Climate change


Women empowerment

Modernization of Indian Armed Forces

The best conclusion I could think for this issue is: let your words speak not your actions! Present the best of yourself and make all heads turn in your direction.