What Are Psychological Tests In SSB Interview

What Are Psychological Tests In SSB Interview
24-October 2019 2.00


SSB, SSB, SSB… the word never leaves the mind of any and every Defence aspirant.

Well SSB is a 5 day rigorous interview session conducted right after the declaration of UPSC written exam. Only shortlisted candidates are eligible to appear for this round. SSB is a wholesome bunch of various psychological, group, individual, written, verbal and physical tasks.

Without boring you with the details of all process in one go I will like to take up the first level today- series of psychology tests conducted in SSB.

Close your eyes and give your mind a moment to think about the term ‘psychology’. To define in simple terms psychology refers to the characteristics of one’s mental state which in turn shape its behavior and hence is a cause of personality. Science of mind - study of mind - study of personality, that’s how and what psychology centers upon.

Coming back to SSB, on its 2nd  day there is a series of Psychology test conducted by the Officers. The objective is to probe into the emotions, reactions, thought process, behavior and personality of the candidates.  With every STIMULUS candidates deliver a REACTION which in turn forms his result, his response. So check out the following list of SSB Psychological tests:



TAT is simple in procedure yet deep in exposing your mental attribute. Herein the candidates are shown 12 pictures one after the other. The pictures remain on screen for 30 seconds after which the candidates have to draft a story on it within a time frame of 4 minutes. Each picture follows the same process except the 12th one where the applicants are not shown any picture rather they have to think of something on their own and draft a story on it.

Your observation power is tested through this round. Within 30 seconds you need to mentally note the characters, their age, mood, number, and of course the background. You can write both in Hindi and English.

Along with observation, your imagination, mental state and approach in life is also tested so make sure you write a positive, realistic and moralistic story. Do not indulge in fantasy and unrealistic ideas.



Following up TAT comes WAT which, as the name implies is about connecting words to your thinking. In this test you will be shown a series of 60 words, each flashing for 15 seconds and you have to pen down the very first thought that comes in your mind on seeing that word.

Checking your spontaneity is the prime objective of this test. Apart from spontaneity your hidden intellect, social attributes, awareness, knowledge, and dynamic thought process is exposed.

Only tip to follow here is: be yourself, be natural. Don’t hesitate to write what your mind has perceived.



Moving the level further and turning the game a bit more difficult, the next psychological round is not about words or pictures but a whole situation. Yes, you will be given a booklet with 60 situations from day- to- day life and your task is to write the most appropriate response as per your understanding. The time given is 30 minutes.

The aim herein is to test your moral and social responsible nature, your quick- decision making power, your positive/ negative approach in life, and your intelligence. Be realistic is all I can advise you for this test. No super heroic responses please.



Well you might have already figured out from the name how it is about your description! Don’t be too excited, you do not have to praise yourself. In SD the candidates write about themselves from the perspective of their friend’s opinions, their parent’s opinions, their teacher’s opinions and lastly your own realizations. The time schedule is of 15 minutes and try to write approximately 5 paragraphs.

This test is a mirror into the inside of you through your closed ones as well as yourself. It gives you a chance to frame your own analysis.

The tip is to be honest to yourself and the Officer both because he will figure out the truth anyway so there is no scope of lying.

With the above 4 rounds the psychology session of SSB reaches its end but with gainful insight into the mind, behavior and personality of an individual. No doubt it is the most awaited and thrilling round of SSB session!