How To Perform Well For SSB Lecturette

How To Perform Well For SSB Lecturette
31-October 2019 2.00


“That boring lecture again, better bunk the class!” was the response of most of us, me included, during our college days. But destiny has its own cycle. It often brings you close to that door from which you were trying to run away.

The point I am trying to make is that lecture, lecturette, speech is something from which students maintain distance but SSB session makes you land in the world of lecturette wherein you are in charge to make a complete speech.

As we all know SSB is a rigorous 5 day interview procedure involving many psychological, physical, verbal, written, group and individual tasks. Scheduled on the 3rd and 4th day of this tedious session lies GTO. Elaborated as Group Testing Officer, the GTO session has a bunch of rounds including Group Discussion, Military Planning Exercise, Progressive Group Task, Group Obstacle Race and Individual Lecturette.

The concern of today’s article is the last round of GTO, that is, Individual Lecturette.

Implied by the name itself one can understand that this activity is about giving a lecture. Don’t worry it’s not a classroom lecture, you need not explain any subject or academic topic. Simply raise your points in the form of a lecture!


What happens here is that the candidatets are given cards wherein 4 topics are written while he has to select only one topic on which he can make a speech. The terms include:

Time given to prepare is 3 minutes

Time given to make speech is 3 minutes

A bell will sound after 2.5 minutes

When one candidate is giving his speech, the other one is asked to come up, take the card, choose the topic and prepare his speech.



Not a single phenomenon occurs without cause. Similarly the reason behind Individual Lecturette is to assess the applicant’s expression, fluency, clarity, speaking ability, thoughts, knowledge and above all confidence. When appearing for Indian Defence it becomes crucial to understand that as an Officer you will have to give command, motivate the troops and brief them. Hence it’s essential that the applicants must be confident, audible, clear in thoughts as well as expression and able to carry out a speech in public/ address the public.



Sufficient of insight on procedure and goals, it’s time to grab some tips on successfully cracking the SSB lecturette:

Selection of topic: Without doubt, the foremost step is an intelligent selection of the topic. They are all general in nature, ranging usually from social issues or current affairs. The topics given are of different levels: easy, moderate and difficult.

You have to play smartly and choose a topic such that you given relevant content on it for it 3 minutes. High standard topic is not the aim, high standard content is the concern. So see as per your awareness and knowledge, what topic can you furnish with valuable details. Hence choose wisely.

Preparation: Candidates are given 3 minutes to prepare this speech. It is this time when you have to utilize all your knowledge, tricks, awareness and skills because the next step is only an implementation of it. This is the battle ground.

Frame an introduction- body- conclusion. Mentally note the points that are to be included in your speech and draft your whole content.

Make sure your lecture is relevant, up- to- date, simple to comprehend and sensible.

Introduction: Plunging on to the speech, each candidate has to first provide an introduction. Notions you must include in your introduction are: your name, place of residence, parent’s occupation, your education credentials, hobbies and interests. That is simply sufficient. Do not exceed a step ahead.

Speech: After giving self introduction the applicants are all set to commence their lecture. Tell the topic foremost then proceed further. Your speech will determine how well you can structure your thoughts+ utilize minimal time for more expression. In the main content add facts and figure; recent developments; importance; and advantages/ disadvantages. Coming to conclusion, summarize it in a line or two and give your opinion in regards to that issue.

EXTRAS: An extra mark for an extra tip! Here are some additional points that you must take care for SSB Lecturette:

Do beforehand preparation by updating your knowledge status. Keep in touch with current affairs and more so with general topics from all backgrounds (environment, science, Defence etc).

Prepare some common points and indulge in discussion on general issues with your friends, family and classmates.

Be socially active and work upon your communication or to say speaking ability.

Stand in front of the mirror daily and give a speech for the prescribed limit of 3 minutes.

Get into habit of talking in English although you can give lecturette in Hindi too but basic English speaking ability is essential.

  • - Do not look directly at the Officer.
  • - Look out for your posture, tone and behavior.
  • - Do not be dressed shabbily, be descent.
  • - Do not repeat the points
  • - Keep the language simple
  • - Manage your time wisely, do not exceed the given 3 minutes. The trick is to prepare your content for 2.5 minutes keeping 30 seconds for margin purpose.
  • - Lastly, your expressions speak a lot about you so no shyness, no anxiety and now hesitation. Let the group witness your confident side.

Approach like a champion and you will see it turning real! SSB Lecturette is no difficult task, all you require is a mental note of above tips and loads of confidence sandwiched with a mild smile, like always!


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