How To Improve General Knowledge For SSB

How To Improve General Knowledge For SSB
02-November 2019 1 Comment(s) 2.00

Services Selection Board (SSB) is a litmus test to check the true Officer like Qualities (OLQs) of the candidates applying for Indian Armed Forces.

SSB constitutes a prodigious panel of Officers who conduct various tests during the 5 day course. The tests differ in nature. While some assess your psychology others assess your team spirit, speaking ability or physical strength.

Amongst all this, General Knowledge plays a crucial role. No doubt Group Discussion round requires general awareness. However apart from G.D, a good hold on General Awareness builds up your personality+ add confidence+ make you more informative+ helps in forming a good impression.

When you are knowledgeable from the inside you look bold and confident from the outside.

The question rises how to elevate your General Knowledge graph? Need not worry because I am going to spill some handy tips to improve your G.K for SSB session right below:

  • Newspapers: Undoubtedly newspapers make the best of tools to keep in touch with current affairs. Although it requires few terms and conditions such as:

Be consistent in reading newspapers. Do not do it enthusiastically for a day or two and then drop back. Inculcate a habit of daily newspaper reading.

Choose a good newspaper such as The Hindu or The Indian Express

Check the content and language before making your choice. The content of the news should be relevant and genuine while the language should be easily understandable.

Also it’s good to keep a variety at hand. For a change you can shift to other newspaper once in a while.

Most importantly, keep in mind why you are reading newspaper: to increase your General awareness not to know about astrology or what’s happening in Bollywood. So concentrate on the essential news.


  • Newsfeed: 21st century is a world of online activities, isn’t it? Take advantage of this online facility. Download some good news app or subscribe to news channels to keep in touch with global activities every minute. Turn on the notification so that you don’t miss anything important. This technique is especially helpful for those who are not much into newspaper- daily- reading- habit.
  • News kind: By this term I mean the areas you have to focus while reading current affairs. Of course you have to note famous national and international activities and events. Apart from this pay focus on Indian Defence related news, new introduction of equipments, plans and scheme.
  • Knowledge about the nation: Not only current affairs but general awareness is a prime part of G.K. You must have a certain level of awareness about India. Either buy the Manorma yearbook or any other good book of facts and figures of India. Herein you will have to focus on achievements, personalities, general history- geography- and polity facts about India, and famous event
  • Personal knowledge: SSB demands general knowledge from all spheres of life. For instance when giving personal interview you might be asked about your place of residence or country in general. So you better mentally note some basic information about your native place, residential place, and the career you are going into.
  • Indian Armed Forces: I am not talking about current affairs rather my point pertains to general information about Indian Armed Forces. As a Defence aspirant it is taken for granted that you have descent knowledge about this field. So get all the basics in your head right from various categories of Indian Armed Forces to their ranks, salaries, structure, employment etc.
  • Notes: Making up personal notes will add more benefit to your preparation of G.K. Whatever information you find difficult to retain, note it down and glance at it daily so as to memorize it. This is an extremely easy trick, try it for your betterment.

As important as the subject G.K is so are the above tips. To be successful in SSB you need to take this topic seriously and now that you have a list of easy hacks what more do you want. Just follow the above and be a pro at G.K.