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50 Important Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview

How you say is as important as what you say.

Channeling similar thought of line personality and knowledge are given equal importance in Defence exams. While knowledge is tested through written exams personality is being assessed through various rounds included in SSB interview, one of which is the Lecturette round.

As implied from the name, Lecturette is about giving a lecture. Here the candidates are provided with 4 topics whereas they have to select one of it and render a speech on it. The time given to prepare is 3 minutes. The underlining aim behind Lecturette is to examine personality, speech, confidence and knowledge of an applicant. Lecturette is quite personal in nature as the candidate does not have to indulge in a group discussion rather he has to personally narrate the speech to the Officers. Once the preparatory time of 3 minutes is over the Officer calls the candidate and takes a quick- general interview with basic questions like name, place of residence, qualification, family etc. Once a connection has been set between the Officer and the candidate he is asked to commence his narration.

The topics given for Lecturette are general in nature dealing with socio- religious- political- economic problems and current affairs. Here is a collection of 50 important topics for Lecturette:

  1. 1. CAA
  2. 2. Indian foreign policy
  3. 3. SAARC
  4. 4. Indian Armed Forces
  5. 5. Economic slowdown in India
  6. 6. Ayodhya conflict
  7. 7. Ranks in I.A.F
  8. 8. Climate change
  9. 9. Upgradation of Indian Defence system
  10. 10. Corruption
  11. 11. Illiteracy in India
  12.  12. Pollution
  13. 13. Indian Army
  14. 14. Chandrayaan 2
  15. 15. Indo- China relationship
  16. 16. Sports in India
  17. 17. Indo- pak relationship
  18. 18. Kashmir crisis
  19. 19. Abolition of article 370
  20.  20. Terrorism
  21.  21. Naxalism
  22.  22. Apache helicopter
  23.  23. 5 year BJP government
  24.  24. How to resolve unemployment in India
  25. 25. Indian Navy
  26.  26. Uniform Civil Code
  27. 27. UNO
  28. 28. GST: Pros and Cons
  29. 29. AIDS
  30. 30. Dowry system
  31. 31. Disaster management
  32. 32. Foreign investment in India
  33. 33. Dokhlam issue
  34. 34. Swine flu and Ebola
  35. 35. Beef ban
  36. 36. Rape
  37. 37. Globalization
  38. 38. Increased use of technology
  39. 39. E- commerce
  40. 40. Women empowerment
  41. 41. Indian Air Force
  42. 42. Role of social media
  43. 43. Democracy in India
  44. 44. Safety of women
  45. 45. Mangalyan
  46. 46. Drug abuse
  47. 47. String of Pearls
  48. 48. Domestic violence
  49. 49. Gender inequality
  50. 50. Make in India

If you want a wholesome preparation and positive outcome then note the above list and get ready with a good speech on each topic. Remember that topics could be inter- related hence while preparing for 1 topic gather notes on any essential term that you come across.

Keep in mind that your speech must have an introduction- body- conclusion. Be clear, be audible and try to support your content with facts. Keep yourself updated with recent activities so as to increase your general awareness, and to add glow to your performance keep your confidence high!


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