Latest Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2020

Latest Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2020
22-February 2020 2.00

Essential Lecturette Topics in SSB

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them, understand and be influenced by them for good or ill.” As this quote goes it clearly connotes the fact that channeling a thought and giving it an expression in the form of a speech or a talk examines the personality of the individual therefore as implied similar is the notion behind the Lecturette round that forms an indispensable part of the SSB. Definitely this test is a measure of the personality of the candidate, their expressions, facial index, body language, confidence and attitude because it is in here the candidate has the liberty to impress the GTO by presenting his/ her positive personality.


Lecturette Procedure

Herein the candidates are provided with 4 topics and the candidates are at liberty and ease at selecting any one of the topics and render a speech on the same. The timestamp for preparation is of 3 minutes. This task is very similar to an extempore as you have to organize and channel your thoughts on any particular topic. The defining aim of this test is to assess the personality, communication and fluency, confidence and obviously knowledge because being knowledgeable will always have an upper hand on the performance so always be information savvy with all the current affairs and ongoing events.


Lecturette Introduction

Before commencing the Lecturette the GTO will ask the candidates to give brief introduction before the actual session begins, in this candidates have to ponder on the following :

  • - Name
  • - Where are you From?
  • - Hobbies
  • - Parent’s profession
  • - What you are currently doing (Studying/Job)?


Essential Tips for SSB Lecturette Test

  • - Be knowledge savvy and proficient with the latest topics and burning issues of in and around the world.
  • - Be at ease and have a confident attitude while delivering the lecturette with full agility.
  • - Have a control over unnecessary body movements and maintain a firm posture with positive body language.
  • - Have good communication skills as it will enable you to render an uninterrupted speech with fluency and confidence.
  • - Have a good diction and accurate pronunciation to articulate your ideas and thoughts in an impressive manner.
  • - Keep a check on the pause and breaks while delivering your lecturette as it affects the tempo of your speech while rendering the same.
  • - Follow a sequential approach while delivering the lecture to present a clear and concise idea of your topic.
  • - Be socially active as this enhances the information as well as communication skills making you more confident and equally aware of your surroundings.
  • - Avoid any grammatical mistakes as they are easily noticeable and leave a bad impression.


Latest SSB Lecturette topics

The topics dealt in Lecturette comprise of a general nature and deal mainly with socio- religious- political- economic problems and current affairs. Here is a collection of some prime topics considered to be the most relevant for Lecturette-


  1. Lokpal
  2. RBI and Economic Growth
  3. Agricultural or Farm Crisis in India
  4. Current & future prospect of Indian economy
  5. Digital Economy
  6. Ayodhya Verdict
  7. Cybercrime
  8. Kashmir unrest & dispute
  9. US withdrawals from various International alliances
  10.  India Nepal Border Dispute
  11. E-waste Clinic
  12.  Non Performing Assets
  13.  Uniform Civil Code
  14. Ayodhya Dispute
  15. Global Warming
  16. Donald Trump
  17. India Bangladesh Relations
  18. Nuclear Weapon
  19. Chandrayaan I
  20. Oil Crisis
  21. Ayushman Bharat – PMJAY Scheme
  22. Environment Performance Index
  23. Women Safety
  24. Cyber Security
  25. Election funding
  26. Cryptocurrency
  27. Rural Women Empowerment
  28. Jobless growth in India
  29. Extreme Weather and Health Hazards
  30. Police Reforms in India
  31. India's air pollution
  32.  Decriminalization of Politics
  33. Iran nuclear deal
  34. AFSPA - Armed Forces Special Power Act
  35. National Register of Citizens (NRC)
  36. Ease of Doing Business
  37. European Geopolitics
  38. US & China Trade rift
  39. Data Protection - Technology and Privacy
  40. #MeToo Movement in India
  41. BIMSTEC Summit
  42. Climate Change
  43. India & Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
  44. Interstate water disputes
  45. Artificial Intelligence
  46. Triple Talaq Bill
  47. Issues concerning Elections in India
  48. Impact of Social Media
  49. Increasing Heat Waves
  50. Swachh Bharat Mission
  51. Juvenile Crime
  52. Biotechnology
  53. Indian Foreign Policy
  54. Make in India
  55. Global warming
  56. Naxalism
  57. Kashmir war crisis
  58. India Pakistan relationship
  59. Child marriage
  60. Defence Budget
  61. Special act of Armed Forces
  62. Nuclear energy
  63. Indo- Russian relation
  64. Chandrayan 2
  65. Net neutrality
  66. Article 370
  67. Hockey in India
  68. Bharat Ratna
  69. Terrorism
  70. E- commerce.




The above listed topics for SSB lecturette are very important for all candidates who are going for SSB in upcoming weeks or months or years, as this list is regularly updated to match the current pattern of the SSB. Hence, it is requested to keep checking this list and follow upon all the current events and updates so as to keep abreast and be prepared beforehand. Remember the world is filled with plethora of happenings so jot down all the incidents by interlinking their related notions as well and work in the present moment to reap future benefits. Goodluck and all the best !!!


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